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Organic Consumers Organization - For the labeling of genetically engineered, biotech, GMO, and Novel food. Also encourages organic food and pesticide reduction. Advocates concern about the dangers of food irradiation. A clearinghouse for activists. Weston A. Price Foundation - Information on the benefits of nutrient-dense foods and the foundation's agenda in the areas of education and research; articles on specific foods such as soy products. Social Issues Research Centre - Provides research and reporting on food, health, and other lifestyle matters, and campaigns against scares. World Food Safety Organisation - Aims to provide food safety professionals with a neutral forum for the exchange of ideas and experience. Foundation for Food Irradiation Education - Organization that provides informative information and strives to improve communications about food irradiation to the public via the industry, media, and academia. Microwaved Food: The Dangers - Reviews evidence suggesting that microwaving food destroys nutrients and makes certain substances toxic, leading to adverse health effects. BBC - Farmed Salmon Contaminated - Aquaculture practice of concentrating feed from other ocean fish, provided to farmed salmon contain high levels of PCB's, according to research. Campaign for Real (Raw) Milk - Advocates the consumption of clean, unpasteurized, whole milk, and additive-free organic dairy products. Find out how to get raw milk and read articles on the health benefits of raw milk.
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