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Issues related to how governments are run, including accountability to the people, government corruption, public sector ethics, campaign finance, secrecy (and freedom of information), civil service reform, and government acquisition and retention of lands.
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Better Government Association - Originally founded 75 years ago to fight the pernicious influence of Chicago's Capone mob. Today continues to investigate waste, fraud and corruption in politics and government. The Center for Public Integrity - Nonprofit, nonpartisan organization does investigations and analyses of public service, government accountability, and ethics related issues. Features news, projects and reports. - Guide to money in U.S. politics, including campaign money amounts and sources, searchable by party, candidate, lobbyist and election cycle. From the Center for Responsive Politics. Common Cause - Citizens' lobbying group with 250,000 members nationwide devoted to making government more accountable and ethical at the national, state and local level. Widely regarded as the leading organization working for campaign finance reform. Federation of American Scientists - Topics covered include arms sales monitoring, biological weapons, cyberstrategy, intelligence reform, military analysis, monitoring emerging diseases, nuclear weapons, secrecy and government, and space policy. Also has links to various Washington-based working groups. Project on Government Oversight - A non-partisan non-profit government watchdog whose mission is to investigate, expose, and remedy abuses of power, mismanagement, and government subservience to special interests by the federal government. Transparency International - A non-governmental organisation dedicated to increasing government accountability and curbing corruption. America for Sale? - Site charges that "America and its laws are for sale to the highest bidder." Police, county, state, and government abuse stories and discussion. Government Accountability Project: Whistleblower Support - Whistleblowing, governmental wrongdoing and official misconduct. Government Purchasing Project - Dedicated to protecting the environment and human health through the effective use of purchasing power in addition to traditional advocacy. GPP works to encourage the government to use its immense purchasing power to promote safe, cost-effective, energy-efficient, and environmentally-sound products. The Taxpayer Assets Project - Founded by Ralph Nader in 1988 to monitor the management and sale of government property. Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse - Uses the Freedom of Information Act to acquire data and trends information on the enforcement activities of the federal government including the FBI, IRS, Immigration and Naturalization Service and the Drug Enforcement Administration. CIA Testing LSD on Citizens - Stansfield Turner's testimony at 1977 Senate Hearing on the subject of this agency using Lysergic Acid on unwitting subjects. Almanac of Policy Issues: Government Reform - Background information and links on government reform issues, including campaign finance reform, term limits, devolution, government performance (GPRA), and regulatory reform. Congressional Accountability Project - Ralph Nader organization working against corruption in the US Congress by pushing for ethics violation investigations, increased transparency and other reforms. Public Governance and Management, OECD - Topics include regulatory reform, public sector budgeting and management, sustainable development, citizen participation in policymaking, and fighting corruption. Going Postal: An Inside Look at the USPS - A story of four years of hell as a US Post Office letter carrier. Global Organization of Parliamentarians Against Corruption - Fights corruption in world parliaments by offering information, events and resolutions. Includes list of member countries and board of directors. [English, French, Spanish] Google - Government Requests - Requests from government agencies around the world to remove content from Google and YouTube, or provide information about users of their services and products. TrustLaw - Global hub for pro bono legal work and a free source of news and information about good governance. A Thomson Reuters Foundation service. The True Size of Government - Article discusses the actual size of the United States Federal workforce.
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