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World History is an academic approach which studies the epochal progress of global human civilization. Comparative, interactive, and synthetic studies alike at the supranational and transnational level are appropriate to this category.
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Odin's Castle of Dreams & Legends - An Archive of History and Historical Resources. All time periods from dawn of man to today. World History - "HyperHistory Online navigates through 3 000 years of World History with links to important persons of world historical importance; civilization timelines; events and facts; and historical maps." MacroHistory: Prehistory to the 21st Century - A narrative on trends, successes and failures across the ages in power conflicts, religion, philosophy, and political institutions. Also, monthly commentaries with a historical perspective. Western Civilization: From Adam to Atom - Lecture notes from retired history professor, Dr. Raymond Jirran. Five Epochs of Civilization - Book by William McGaughey about world history as emerging in five civilizations. Provides some brief descriptions and timelines, relating four of them to changes in communication technologies. Mr. Braman's World History Homepage - A collection of vocabulary words, reading syllabi, and short articles covering world civilizatiosn from ancient to modern times, aimed at secondary school students. International Migration - Information on migrations throughout history, particularly those in Europe and the western world. All Empires - A database and online community dedicated to historical empires and cultures of the world. History of the World - Offers an essay giving an overview of world history. Created by history teacher Jeff Coons. World History circa 1200 A.D. - Selection of short articles about world figures and events in the early thirteenth century.
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