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Sites pertaining to maritime history. For example the history of sailing, maritime trade, naval architecture, navigation, naval warfare, exploration, and related topics.
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French Lines - This archive collection retraces 150 years of French maritime history through the history of famous liners (Normandie, France) and merchant navy. Latitude - The art and science of fifteenth century navigation. San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park - A fleet of historic vessels at Hyde Street Pier, a maritime museum, and library. Boatbuilding and woodworking workshops. Carl Ossian Johnson - Swedish pioneer in the South African fishing and whaling industry. The Naval Order of the United States - The history and heritage society of the United States sea services. Maritime Heritage Project - Passengers, ships, and captains arriving in San Francisco in the 19th century, plus news and tall tales of the Barbary Coast. Captain John Smith: Four Hundred Project - The history, schedule, reenactment voyage, information on the John Smith Water Trail, and educational resources. The Spice Routes - Essay of routes from Southeast Asia to Africa and onward from the ancient to medieval periods focusing on the Cinnamon Route and the Clove Route. Internet Naval History - Comprehensive guide to twentieth century naval history by a published naval author. Includes a guide to finding information on ex-naval relatives and the warships they served on. Hakluyt Society - Promoting public knowledge of records on the history of exploration, navigation, maritime history and travels. The Battle of the Saintes - The 1782 naval battle which revolutionised naval tactics and changed Caribbean history for 200 years. BIship - All subjects connected with the shipping company British India Steam Navigation. NOVA: Longitude - NOVA Online presents the search for longitude. Schooner Man - A site for lovers of all tall ships. Haze Gray & Underway - Extensive naval history and photography site. International Journal of Naval History - A forum of naval history designed to stimulate naval historical research and to foster communication among naval historians. Current and archived issues, editorial board listings, letters, and submission guidelines. Sailing Navies 1650-1850 - Information on naval operations during the period 1650-1850 and a listing of age of sail related fiction. South Seas - Voyaging and Cross-Cultural Encounters in the Pacific - An online information resource for the history of European voyaging and cross-cultural encounters in the Pacific between 1760 and 1800. The Maritime History Virtual Archives - A compendium of naval history, seamanship, ships, duties of officers and men. World Ship Society - International non-profit organization for maritime and naval history. Publishes Marine News and organizes local branches. The Texas Navies - Historical information and pictures of the three Texas Navies - the first two fighting in Texas' war with Mexico, the third being a modern association. Les Corsaires - Features a database about French privateers including name, harbor, boat, and century. Robert Napier - A biography by Brian D. Osborne of the "Father of Clyde Shipbuilding", printed by Dumbarton District Libraries (1991). MaritimeDigital Archive - Focuses on the history and specifications of vessels that includes photos, scanned papers and postcards. The Last Ocean Liners - Trade routes and sailing schedules including images and facts. A History of Navigation - Flash animation plotting the history of navigation through the ages from the BBC. Ships Nostalgia - Forum and discussion board on general issues, people, ships and shipping, navies, and other maritime issues including galleries. The Gjenvick-Gjønvik Archives - Provides information and documents about steamships including brochures, passenger lists, and immigration documents. Farewell to the China Boats - Photographs of life at sea in the Blue Funnel Line in the mid-20th century, reports of a WWII lifeboat journey, and old mariners' documents. Traditional Navigation in the Western Pacific - Traditional navigation by Pacific islanders involves no compasses or charts. Merchant Navy Nostalgia - British merchant ships of the 40's, 50's and 60's with history and pictures. Naval Marine Archive - A not-for-profit foundation dedicated to maritime heritage and history, preservation and conservation, research and education through the written word and the arts.
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