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This category lists sites devoted to cultural history relevant to language, religious beliefs, values, and customs shared by groups of people.
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Electromusications - Gateway to the Transdiffusion Broadcasting System sites and affiliated sites. The history and development of British television presentation (including graphic design, jingles). Warburg Institute - The Warburg Institute of the University of London exists principally to further the study of the classical tradition, that is of those elements of European thought, literature, art and institutions which derive from the ancient world. Weaving: Art and Lore - Examines cross-cultural weaving, cosmic webs, spinning, spindles, fabrics, and ethnic costume; it also explores Grandmother Spider Woman, Rumpelstiltskin, Sleeping Beauty, and other myths and fairytales on weaving from around the world. America's Cultural Rebels - A book on artistic avant-gardes and the rise of countercultures by Roy Kotynek and John Cohassey with selected excerpts and preface Radiozone - Goals, chronology, stories, internet radio, and links. History and Technology. - An experiment in historical interpretation, combining a review of modern technologies, discussion of their chronological context, and societal implications. MR Bloch Salt Archive - The influence on the development of ancient civilizations (1000 BCE) to the Industrial Revolution. The Silkroad Foundation - Privately funded non-profit organization, established to promote the study and preservation of cultures and art on Inner Asia and the Silk Road. Extensive library of articles, lectures and studies. Links to related sites.
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