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The history of the Holocaust: the systematic attempted destruction of the European Jews by Nazi Germany during the Second World War. Over ten million innocents, including about six million Jews, perished at the hands of the Nazis.
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The History Place - Holocaust Timeline - Informational events from 1933 through 1945. Holocaust Links - Directory of websites providing information, literature, lesson plans, organizations, memorabilia, resistance, and other topics related to the Nazi genocide. The Holocaust - Crimes, Heroes, and Villains - Stories of Auschwitz and biographies of the major names of the time. The Children Who Cheated the Nazis - Site of a BBC documentary about the Kindertransport, including history, images, and music lyrics. Humor as a Defense Mechanism in the Holocaust - An investigation by Chaya Ostrower for her PhD on the types and functions of humor used by Jews during the Holocaust. The Beth Shalom Holocaust Web Centre - Collection of related sites, including a web-based introduction for school pupils. The Second Generation Group from Nuremberg - Children of survivors from the Jewish Holocaust provide archives, photos and history resources. Simon Wiesenthal Center - Museum focusing on racism in America and the history of the Holocaust. The Children Of Izieu - The story of the Jewish children at the orphanage known as La Maison d'Izieu that includes information on the children, Nazi biographies, SS testimonies, galleries, poetry, books, and links. Remember - Forum for survivors and their descendants, to promote remembrance. Holocaust Memorial Center - Documents the horror of the period and the rich culture and history that was lost. The Holocaust Chronicle - Companion site to the not-for-profit book. Rescuers - Portraits of Moral Courage in the Holocaust - Interviews with and portraits of people who rescued, including maps, historic images, and essays on courage and altruism. March of Remembrance and Hope - Student's account of visiting Holocaust sites as part of this event. Includes history and photographs. America and the Holocaust - Examines the complex social and political factors that led the American government to ignore the Jewish victims of the Holocaust until 1944. Schindler Survivors - Includes biographies and images of several individuals whom Oscar Schindler rescued from the Holocaust. The Center for Holocaust Humanity Education - Part of Hebrew Union College - Jewish Institute of Religion. Dedicated to education, teacher and clergy training, advocacy, and research relating the lessons of the Holocaust to issues and challenges facing humankind today. Jewish Virtual Library - The Holocaust - An online encyclopedia covering anti-Semitism to Zionism. Resistance - Overview of several areas of resistance activities to Nazism and the Holocaust, in Eastern Europe and by Jews in the concentration camps as well as in Germany. Justice Matters - Legacies of the Holocaust and WWII - Book review with biographical information, a dedication, pictures and excerpts, and images. Sisters of the Shoah - Three survivor tales, three golden fates, and three iron wills. Rosa Robota and the Holocaust Resistance - An article By Allan E. Mallenbaum. Jewish Slaves Furbish Nazi Dress - An article of fashioning German women in the Third Reich by Dr. Irene Guenther. Recollection from the Shoah - An article By Michael W. Klein. When You Were in Auschwitz - An article By Liliana Sharett. Holocaust Rescuers Bibliography - An extensive partially-annotated listing of books about Holocaust rescuers with links to more information. Holocaust - Articles, email newsletter, online discussion and links. Holocaust Rescue Efforts of Rabbi Chaim Michael Dov - Describes effort to purchase the freedom of some Jews from Nazi Germany, an effort that failed because the money was not raised in time. Holocaust/Shoah - Categories of links and resources. Angels Of Death - The Nazi Doctors - Biographies, including survivor testimonies and graphic photos. Holocaust Photo Project - Includes pictures and information from tour of Maidanek, Treblinka and Aushwitz. Shoah - Twentieth Century Genocide - A look at Hitler's rise to power and at the holocaust he created. Foundation Chambon - To explore and communicate necessary and challenging lessons of hope intertwined with the Holocaust's unavoidable lessons of despair. Schindler Stories - His and others's stories, and their experiences with the German rescuer. Courage And Survival - The Holocaust - Brief biographies and stories of the victims, survivors, and rescuers. Holocaust - Extensive database on World War II persons and Jewish victims in the Netherlands with articles, links and polls. Jaslo - The birth and death of a Jewish community in Poland from its beginnings to the Holocaust as written by Dr. Jakub Herzig. The Bible Foretold the Holocaust - Holy Scriptures foretold the circumstances and some of the details of the Holocaust. Holocaust Survivors' Network - A tribute to survivors of the Nazi Holocaust. Recovered Memories and the Holocaust - An essay by Mark Pendergrast. The Trial of Adolf Eichmann - Trial documents, biographies, photos, resources, and a study guide to accompany the television program. The Wannsee Conference - A meeting in Berlin with 15 top Nazi bureaucrats to coordinate the Final Solution (Endlösung) in which the Nazis would attempt to exterminate the entire Jewish population of Europe. Himmler's Speech at Posen - Speech by the SS leader in which he speaks openly about the Holocaust with audio.. Ordinary Germans and the Holocaust - Excerpted from the book Hitler's Willing Executioners: Ordinary Germans and the Holocaust by Daniel Jonah Goldhagen. The Assassins of Memory - Essays on the Denial of the Holocaust - A book consisting of five essays by Pierre Vidal-Naquet. David Irving's Hitler - A Faulty History Dissected - A book containing two essays by Eberhard Jäckel: Innocence of Hitler and Irving, Hitler, and the Murder of the Jews. Mahn- und Gedenkstätte Walpersberg - A meeting point for survivors and relatives of the former underground aircraft factory called REIMAHG (Flugzeugwerke Reichsmarschall Hermann Göring) near Kahla, including news, history, visitor information, and projects. Holocaust - Links to resources. Holocaust Memorial Day - Dedication to the memory of thousands of Freemasons who died during the Holocaust. Holocaust Pictures and Stories - Focuses on non-Jewish and Polish victims of the Holocaust: photos and survivor stories. Natanson Memorial - A simple but moving Holocaust memorial page. The Nuremberg War Crimes Trials - Supporting documents. Holocaust Timeline - A Timeline of the Holocaust (1919-1946). Holocaust Studies - An introduction and related issues. Storojinet Jews Memorial Web Page - The story of the old Jewish village and the Riegler family during the war with pictures from the modern city. Auschwitz Survivor Tells of Vain Uprising - News article as told by a survivor. Guardian Unlimited Special Report - Focus: The Holocaust - Comment and analysis about the historical event and its commemoration. Includes profiles, audio clips, firsthand survivor stories and archived news reports from the 1930's and 1940's. Hermann Friedrich Graebe - Account of Holocaust Mass Shooting - An eyewitness account which suggests the well-­organized procedure for mass shooting that the elite Schutzstaffel (SS) soldiers had developed by 1942. Gray Matter - A movie of a leading Austrian forensic psychiatrist who's alleged to have murdered hundreds of children during the holocaust and used their brains for experiments. Antisemitism - Its History and Causes - The writing by Bernard Lazare trying to understand a phenomenon of hatred, not the work of a self-hating Jew.
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