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This category lists historical sites devoted to the seventeenth century time period.
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Little Woodham - Information about this 1642 living history village, with visitor information, photo gallery, information for teachers, and historical information and records from the parish of Rowner. The Trials of ... Guy Fawkes [and the] Conspirators in the Gunpowder-Plot - A complete transcription of the trial of the conspirators of 1605 from the State Trials, 1750 edition. Jean-Baptiste Colbert - Memorandum on Trade - A belief that material prosperity would raise the yield of taxes but that this prosperity would grow only with a managed economy. England, India, and The East Indies - An attempt to dislodge the Dutch in 1617. Social Conditions in 17th Century France - From Report of the Estates of Normandy (1651) and Letters of the Abbess of Port-Royal. Jean Domat - On Social Order and Absolute Monarchy - The setting of French law and social structure into the wider context of the law of nature and the law of God. Saint-Simon - Court of Louis XIV - An account of life there at Versailles. Groundbreaking Scientific Experiments, Inventions and Discoveries of the 17Th Century - An online book that explores the major scientific and mathematical milestones of this era, and examines them from their scientific and sociological perspectives Michael Windelspecht by subscription, 2002. Witchcraft, Magic and Religion in 17th-Century Massachusetts - The complete text that focuses on the people involved by Richard Weisman by subscription, 1984. Puritanism and Revolution: Studies in Interpretation of the English Revolution of the 17th Century - The complete text by Christopher Hill by subscription, 1958. Duchess of Orleans - Versailles Etiquette - A letter with an obsessive concern of manners.
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