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France - National Assembly - Consists of 577 deputies, each of whom is elected in a constituency either with an absolute majority of votes (more than half the votes) at the first ballot or a relative majority (the largest number of votes) at the second ballot. European Union - European Parliament - Single-chamber body elected by several overlapping systems. Site has content in all EU languages. Armenia - National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia - Site lists the members of various committees, with more information in Armenian. Bulgaria - National Assembly of the Republic of Bulgaria - Elected for a four-year term and consisting of 240 members. Iceland - Alþingi - The Icelandic parliament dates back to 930AD, now having 63 members from eight constituencies. Albanian Parliament - Single-chamber parliament elected for four years under additional-member system. Finland - Suomen Eduskunta - The Parliament of Finland, a unicameral body of 200 members elected on a proportional basis. Austrian Parliament - Österreichisches Parlament, consisting of the Nationalrat (National Council) and the Bundesrat (Federal Council). Germany - Bundestag - The Federal Diet, composed of at least 598 Members, of whom 299 are elected in the constituencies and a further 299 via a list-based additional member system with a 5% cutoff. Germany - Bundesrat - The Federal Council is the Chamber of the Länder, the federal states, such that only one member votes on behalf of each state, casting all the state's votes. Czech Republic - Chamber of Deputies - Site has lists of committees, commissions and delegations, and more in Czech. Czech Republic - Senate - Eighty-one member elected body. Estonia - Riigikogu - The Parliament of the Republic of Estonia, elected by proportional representation with a 5% cutoff. Japan - House of Councillors - The Sangiin, the upper house of the National Diet. Japan - House of Representatives - The Shugiin, the Lower house of the National Diet. Sweden - Riksdag - Unicameral body containing 349 members from 29 different constituencies. Romania - Chamber of Deputies - Containing 341 members elected using a proportional list system. Romania - Senate - One hundred and forty-three member body elected using a proportional list system. With more content in Romanian. Lithuania - Seimas - Composed of 141 members elected for a four-year term. Hungary - Parliament of the Republic of Hungary - Also known as the National Assembly (Az ország háza). Hong Kong Legislative Council - Consisting of 60 Members, with 24 Members elected from geographical constituencies, 30 Members by functional constituencies, and 6 Members by an Election Committee comprising 800 elected representatives of the community. Poland - Senate - Chamber of the parliament. Poland - Sejm - Main chamber of the parliament. Cyprus - House of Representatives - Composed of 80 members, 56 elected by the Greek community and 24 by the Turkish community. Canada - Parliament of Canada - Composed of the Queen, represented by the Governor General, the appointed Senate, and the elected House of Commons. Latvia - Saeima - Unicameral parliament of 100 members elected by proportional representation. Norwegian Parliament - The Stortinget of 165 members, of which 157 are from constituencies and 8 are additional members. Portugal - Assembly of the Republic (Assembleia da República). Georgia - Parliament. United Kingdom Parliament - Composed of the House of Commons, elected by single-member plurality for a period of not more than five years, and the appointed (and for a few members inherited) House of Lords. Singapore - Parliament of the Republic of Singapore - Elected from multi-member constituencies, with some additional members. Pending bills, publications, member directory, and educational resources available. India - Parliament of India - Composed of the Rajya Sabha (Council of States) and the Lok Sabha (House of the People). India - Rajya Sabha - The Council of States elected by the states' assemblies. Isle of Man - Manx Parliament - The Tynwald, dating back to the eighth century, and composed of the House of Keys and the Legislative Council. Faroe Islands - Føroya Løgting - Single-chamber elected from seven constituencies, with powers under Denmark's Home Rule Act 1948. Irish Parliament - Also known as the Houses of the Oireachtas; composed of Dáil Éireann (House of Deputies) and Seanad Éireann (Senate). South Africa - Parliament of South Africa - Composed of the National Assembly and the National Council of Provinces. Micronesia - Congress of the Federated States of Micronesia - Unicameral national legislature consisting of 14 Senators, one from each of the States of Kosrae, Pohnpei, Chuuk, and Yap for a four-year term, and ten Members for two years. New Zealand - House of Representatives - Elected from 62 General and 7 Maori constituencies, with additional members for proportionality. Australia - Parliament of Australia - Consisting of the House of Representatives and the Senate. Jersey - The States of Jersey - Originally composed of the three estates, the Jurats (justices), the Connétables (the heads of the parishes) and the Rectors (from the churches). Slovenia - Drzavni zbor - The National Assembly, with more detail in Slovenian. Switzerland - Parliament - Bicameral system consisting of 200-member National Council and 46-member Council of States. Thailand - House of Representatives - Composed of 500 members, 400 elected from constituencies and 100 from party lists. Malta - House of Representatives - Unicameral elected body. Denmark - Folketinget - Danish parliament of 179 members elected by a variant of an additional member system.
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