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The European Central Bank and the national central banks of the countries in the Eurozone.
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Spain - Bank of Spain - Translations of Spanish regulations concerning the Banco de España and other financial institutions, and translations into Spanish of various ECB announcements. San Marino - Central Bank of San Marino - Information about the bank, and the payment and banking system in San Marino. [Italian, English] Italy - Bank of Italy - With Italian statistics and translations of the main ECB announcements. Slovakia - National Bank of Slovakia - Annual Report, monetary and macroeconomic information, banking information, legislation and the Museum of Coins and Medals. Finland - Bank of Finland - Also known as Suomen Pankki, with information on the Finnish economy and banking supervision. Austria - Österreichische Nationalbank - The OeNB's financial stability report, publications relating to banking regulation and to financial stability, with more content in German. Germany - Deutsche Bundesbank - In former years continental Europe's de facto central bank was affectionately known as the 'Buba', but most of its functions have now tranferred to the ECB. Site has information on German economic data, banking supervision, and the Bundesbank's Monthly Report. Belgium - National Bank of Belgium - The Belgian central bank, with information in English, French, Dutch and German about euro notes and coins, the Belgian Central Balance Sheet Office, the Central Credit Offices, and the Belgostat statistics database. Netherlands - De Nederlandsche Bank - Information on banking supervision and related matters, as well as translations of ECB announcements. France - Banque de France - Includes translations of some of the ECB's publications, the Digest of the Banque de France Bulletin, and the weekly return of the Banque de France. Luxembourg - Banque Centrale du Luxembourg - Formerly the Luxembourg Monetary Institute. Contains a translation of the law of 23 December 1998 concerning monetary status and the Central Bank of Luxembourg. More content in French. Greece - Bank of Greece - Statistical data, and information about Greek government bonds. Portugal - Bank of Portugal - Various bilingual monographs, including one on the history of the escudo. More content in Portuguese. Cyprus - Central Bank of Cyprus - History, monetary policy framework, international business incentives, notes and coins, information on government securities. Slovenia - Bank of Slovenia - Monthly bulletin, and a timeline of Slovenia's euro membership. Ireland - Central Bank of Ireland - Responsible for the supervision of most financial institutions in Ireland including banks, building societies and a broad range of non-bank firms, exchanges and collective investment schemes. Andorra - Institut Nacional Andorrà de Finances - With information on the Andorran financial system in English, Spanish, French and Catalan. Malta - Central Bank of Malta - Banking directives, dealing prices of Treasury Bills and government securities, money-market reports and press releases. European Central Bank - Activities, composition and members of the ECB. Archives of press statements and links to job opportunities. Estonia - Bank of Estonia - Estonian Central Bank, responsible for monetary policy. Daily fixings, monetary policy, banking system, banknotes and coins and economic indicators.
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