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Historical information on same-sex love and its effect on human affairs, from ancient times to the recent past.
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History of Gay Israel - Queer in the Land of Sodom - Overview of the LGBT movement from the repeal of the sodomy law, to a transgender singer's award winning performance. Includes links to related articles. - Articles about famous gays of the past, linked to on-line gay history bookstore. Welcome to the World of Michel Foucault - The works of Michel Foucault, informing gender theory, history of sexuality, and some of the philosophy surrounding the basics tenets of Gay History. People with a History - Includes hundreds of original texts, discussions, and images, and addresses LGBT history in all periods, and in all regions of the world. Created by Paul Halsall. SwadePage: Swade's Lesbian Tribal Chant History Page - Events and personages in lesbian history, from the first millennium BCE to the third millennium CE. World History of Gay Love - Overview of gay love and gay history. Includes homoerotic art, homosexual mythology, gay love poems, and articles on homosexual traditions from various world cultures, spanning ancient times to the present. Queer Archaeology and Anthropology - Description and analysis of ancient grafitti and inscriptions. Gay History and Literature - Writings on lesbian and gay history and literature by Rictor Norton. - Encourages anyone with data, documents, and citations to provide content. Also contains content provided by named authors.
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