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Antigypsyism in the Political Culture of the Federal Republic of Germany:A Parallel with Antisemitism? - by Gilad Margalit, from the SICSA, Israel. Romani in Slovakia - By Klara Orgovanova for Slovaks vs. Czechs on Gypsies - Roma in Slovakia. Roma Monarchist Organisation of Albania - "As our brothers are fleeing the chaos in Kosovo, they are living as unwanted 'guests' in surrounding countries. It is only with a strong and independent Epirus that our people from all over the region will have a place to call home. A country in which we share equal status with all other citizens." Czech Republic: A Deep Trauma - The present frictions in Czech-Roma relations have complex and deep-seated causes, from the Central Europe Review. Exile of the Kosovo Roma - By Reska. Social Violence and the Social Institutions - Paper by Toma Tomov, addresses the issue of violence and social institutions involved in the catering for the public needs in the period of social change following the collapse of the totalitarian regimes in Eastern Europe with an emphasis on the Roma. Czech Government Tries to Infiltrate the International Romani Union - From the Internet Center for Anti-Racism Europe. The Consequences of Anti-Gypsy Racism in Europe - By Ian Hancock. An appeal on behalf of the Kosovar Roma community - From the Helsinki Citizens' Assembly. May 1998 Activity Report of the GHM Roma Office - From the Greek Helsinki Monitor. Long pursuit of racial purity - Sweden's forced sterilisation policy, by Laurence Jourdan. The Gypsy Law - Concerning the New Jersey state legislature's repeal of that state's "anti-Gypsy" law, from The Guide, March 1998. Transnational Organizations, Human Rights Regimes, and the Roma: The Cases of Hungary and the Czech Republic - By Richard M. Clewett, Jr., 1999. On the Road to Nowhere - By Jake Bowers-Burbridge, UK.
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