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Research on the history, culture, activities, education, and living conditions of people with disabilities.
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Disability Researchers - Disability Researchers conducts analytical research studies on the disabled and non-disabled populations, using surveys, analysis of existing government databases, analysis of nonprofit databases, and our own developed databases. National Rehabilitation Information Center - Collects and disseminates the results of federally funded research projects to anyone who is interested in disability and rehabilitation. Institute on Disability / UAP - Durham, NH - Provides information to improve knowledge, policy, and practice related to including people with disabilities. Certification of Disability Management Specialists Commission (CDMSC) - Disability management as defined by the Certification of Disability Management Specialists Commission is the practice of providing preventive and remedial services to minimize the impact and cost of disability and to enhance the client's productivity. Institute on Disability Culture - Promoting pride in the history, activities, and cultural identity of individuals with disabilities throughout the world. Center for Disability Studies - A Hawaii University program to promote improved quality of life for persons with disabilities through core functions of interdisciplinary training, research, service, and dissemination of products and promising practices. Disability Social History Project - Disability civil rights movement, other important events and people with disabilities in history, and the representation of disabled people in the mass media throughout time. New Paradigm of Disability Bibliography - An annotated resource introducing and explaining the social and civil rights perspective of disability. Disability History Museum - Promotes understanding about the historical experience of people with disabilities by recovering, chronicling, and interpreting their stories. Canadian Centre on Disability Studies - A consumer-directed, university-affiliated centre involved in research and education on disability issues. Committed to fostering a spirit of collaboration between the disability and academic communities and other interested parties on initiatives of mutual interest and benefit nationally and internationally. Disability Research Institute - A national resource fostering high quality research, dissemination of information, and training and education related to disability policy. (Illinois) SS Blueprints - ADA consultants define and create strategies for accessible designs and concepts to complete the Utilitarian Design Theory. Disability Studies at Temple University, Philadelphia, PA - Graduate Certificate and Undergraduate Courses in Disability Studies. A course of studies exploring the historical, cultural and socio-political challenges and accomplishments of the disability community and culture. The Review of Disability Studies - This International journal focuses on disability research and education. Features articles, essays, and bibliographies relating to the culture of disability. Pacific Rim Conference on Disabilities - Persons with disabilities, family members, researchers, and service providers join policy-makers and nationally recognized speakers in the field of disabilities to participate in the conference. Society for Disability Studies - A nonprofit scientific and educational organization established to promote interdisciplinary research on humanistic and social scientific aspects of disability and chronic illness. National Center for the Dissemination of Disability Research - Activities are in the areas of research , demonstration, dissemination and utilization and technical assistance. PSA - Expansive writing on topics relating to the disabled, their relationship with the community, and institutionalization vs de-institutionalization. Every Contact Counts - A Disability awareness and customer service training program for medical facilities. Offers problem based learning to promote patient centered care. Rehabilitation Counseling Bulletin - Journal that features articles important to rehabilitation counseling practitioners in counseling, education, or research settings. Substantial archive access. Barbara Robertson's Disability Research Resources - On-line resources for disability research from a socio-political perspective, and the emerging interdisciplinary field of Disability Studies. Centre for Disability Studies - An interdisciplinary centre for teaching and research in the field of disability studies at the University of Leeds. (England)
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