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Global protest events against those who caused the current economic problems. It started with Occupy Wall Street. A leaderless resistance movement with people of many colors, genders and political persuasions. The one thing they all have in common is that
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Occupy Wall Street - News and resources for protesters attending the mass demonstration on Wall Street against financial greed and corruption. [USA - New York, NY] Occupy Together - A hub for all of the events springing up across the country in solidarity with Occupy Wall St. Started out as a hub for the USA, now also covering the rest of the world. Occupied Wall Street Journal - First edition of the journal with news and backgrounds of the people involved. BU Occupy Boston - Facebook page to talk about the actions on Boston University. [USA - Boston, MA] Global Revolution - Live streaming video coverage from independent journalists on the ground at protests around the world. With archive of previous videos. Flickr: - Collection of photos, uploaded by different people, with the tag "occupywallstreet". We Are the 99 Percent - Collection of pictures of people holding a sign that describes their situation and why they participate in the protests. Occupied Wall Street Journal, Issue 2 - Second edition of the journal with news and backgrounds of the people involved. We are the 1 percent - Testimonies from people within the 1 percent who show their solidarity with the 99 percent. Occupy Amsterdam - Information about the planned events. With fourm and chat. [Netherlands - Amsterdam] (part Dutch, part English) Occupy Streams - Watch live video feeds and livestreams from Occupy Wall Street events across the world. Occupy Greensboro - Features camp report, general assembly, forum, calendar, video, downloadable documents. [USA - Greensboro, NC] Occupy Gainesville Florida - Presents general assembly minutes, calendar, live video, map, resources, list of ways to participate. [USA - Gainesville, FL] Occupy Carbondale - Includes events, meeting minutes, downloadable flyers, photo gallery, reasons for the occupation. [USA - Carbondale, IL] Occupy Oakland - Find the overview of the group along with its news, general assembly notes, forum, media and events calendar. [USA - Oakland, CA] Occupy Eugene - Presents the general assembly minutes, committees, live streaming video, archive of documents and flyers, photo gallery, forum, volunteer positions and list of needs. [USA - Eugene, OR] Occupy Minnesota - Features an overview of the activist movement, teach-in schedule and calendar of other upcoming events, downloadable flyers, details on donations. [USA - MN] Occupy Seattle - Includes working groups, calendar, demand proposals, forums, list of occupier needs. [USA - Seattle, WA] Occupy Ohio - Information network hub for the activist movement across the Buckeye State. Includes resource links and details for each city hub in the state. [USA - OH] Occupy Reno - Features details on this hub's events, general assemblies and committees. Also includes press releases, downloadable posters, chat. [USA - Reno, NV] Occupy Galveston - Presents an overview of the collective and its mission, general assembly, downloadable flyers and related links. [USA - Galveston, TX] Occupy Lubbock - Includes blog, meeting and demonstration schedule, online chat, and related links. [USA - Lubbock, TX] Occupy Helena - Presents overview of the movement's purpose as well as updated blog and related links. [USA - Helena, MT] Occupy Missoula - Presents the general assembly's declaration plus video archives and forums. [USA - Missoula, MT] Occupy Pueblo - Features this occupation's blogs, news coverage, resources and related social media links. [USA - Pueblo, CO] New York City General Assembly - Official website. Features recent news, working groups, minutes and proposals. Also includes declaration, GA guide, principles of solidarity, legal fact sheet. [USA - New York City, NY] Occupy Australia - Central hub for communication among occupations across the nation. Includes news, forum, upcoming events, photo gallery, video archive, resources. Occupy Providence - Occupiers of Burnside Park present their working groups, general assembly minutes, video archive, photo gallery and calendar. [USA - Providence, RI] Occupy Long Island - Local activists display their purpose, blog updates and calendar of events. Also includes voting overview and Twitter feed. [USA - Long Island, NY] Occupy Tri-Cities - Regional group presents its platform, meeting minutes, agenda for upcoming meetings and Twitter feed. [USA - Abingdon and Bristol, VA; Kingsport and Johnson City, TN] Wikipedia - Occupy Movement - Hyperlinked encyclopedia article about the international protest movement which began with Occupy Wall Street. Occupy Melbourne - Blog includes video and how to participate. [Australia - Melbourne] The Guardian - Anti-capitalist? Too simple. Occupy can be the catalyst for a radical rethink - Ha-Joon Chang recommends using the Occupy movement as the catalyst for a serious debate on alternative institutional arrangements to make capitalism better for the majority of people. Occupy Birmingham - Information about events, planning, photo's and forum [USA - Birmingham, AL] Occupy Roanoke - Features overview of the occupation, personal stories of local occupiers, upcoming events, downloadable documents, news, video archive. [USA - Roanoke, VA] Occupy Sarasota - Features voices of the people, photo gallery, events, videos, blog, open letter to the opposition. [USA - Sarasota, FL] Occupy Huntsville - Includes meeting announcements, event listings, and forum. [USA - Huntsville, AL] Occupy Maui - Features events, photos, links, event notification sign-up. [USA - Maui, HI] - Using news and multimedia to encourage social, economic and environmental justice around the world. Features information about most active groups and upcoming events. Occupy Lansing - Presents blog updates, forum, list of needs, links to news related news reports, thanks to supporters. [USA - Lansing, MI] Occupy Boise - Includes overview of the group, calendar, general assembly notes, resources, forum, downloadable documents. [USA - Boise, ID] Occupy Airforce - Facebook page for both veterans and current personnel from this branch of the armed forces. Non-governmental organization (NGO). [USA] Occupy Boston - Information about the events planned. And a link to their LiveStream Channel with live streaming Internet TV and archive of previous videos. [USA - Boston, MA] Occupy Cincinnati - Presents the city's occupation including events, FAQs, press releases, forum, donations needed. [USA - Cincinnati, OH] Occupy Ottawa - Grassroots movement for economic and political justice in Canada. News items, commentary, and blog posts. Occupy Handbook - Downloadable handbook with background articles and what can be done. OccupyLA - Presents event calendar, chat, forums, blogs, list of items to donate, principles of solidarity. [USA - Los Angeles, CA] Creative Action Network - Offers tools for creating a visual language in the activist movement. Includes downloadable protest signs, logistical signage and universal icons. Occupy Dayton - Features the group's purpose, events, committees, news updates, photo gallery, online forum, signs and posters. [USA - Dayton, OH] Occupy Charleston - Features resolution, events, press coverage, meeting minutes, opportunities for participation. [USA - Charleston, SC] Occupy Mobile - Information about planned and past events. [USA - Mobile, AL]
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