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Taking action such as organizing, volunteering, protesting, and petitioning to help solve a wide variety of social issues.
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Reverend Billy - Advocacy group led by comic preacher. Opposes chain stores and malls that hurt neighborhoods. Do Something - Encourages young people to create their own vision for making a difference in their community. Provides resources and support. ActForChange - Action alerts, activism opportunities, and activism tips. The Quixote Center for faith-based social justice - Working for social justice in Nicaragua and Haiti, equality in the Catholic Church, and an end to the death penalty. Free Republic - Online message boards for independent, grass-roots conservatives to share strategies and activist resources, and discuss issues of the day. Green America - Contains information on boycott campaigns, sweatshop activism, public service, barter and LETSystems to regenerate local economies in the service of local needs. CIVICUS - Worldwide Alliance for Citizen Participation - "Promoting a worldwide community of informed, inspired, committed citizens who are actively engaged in confronting the challenges facing humanity." In English, Español, Français. International Action Center - Coordinates activism and information opposing domestic and international injustices. Founded by Ramsey Clark. The Earthville Network - A global community of organizations and individuals working toward systemic, sustainable solutions for the challenges of our local and global communities. Last Superpower - Marxists who think much anti-US "left-wing" thought is not left at all. Changemakers - Focuses on "open source" solutions to political problems, using tactics such as solution contests. IndyAct - the League of Independent Activists - IndyAct is a global non-profit organization based in Beirut Lebanon. CoolPeopleCare - Offers daily tips to help society when time is limited even to only a few minutes, for topics like assisting the disabled and improving the environment. Aid and Relief Awareness for the World - Articles and RSS feeds about Poverty, Humanitarian Aid, Environment, Human Rights, Education and Volunteering. Find Something - Smorgasbord of different activists, doing everything from reducing violence to promoting an understanding of sperm whale biology. Ten Ways to Change the World in Your Twenties - Mission is to offer tangible ideas to young adults who wish to make the world a better place. The website offers resource guides to businesses and organizations already making a difference in their communities. Connexions Online - Connects individuals and organizations working for social change. Contains information and ideas about democratization, economic justice, civil liberties, community organizing. Grassfire - An organizing center for activists for traditional and conservative values, organized by issue. Provides e-mail forms, news alert service, online petitions, and related links. Oregon Peaceworks - Group educating and activating people to work for peace, justice and environmental protection.
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