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Pertains to the actions, issues, reasons or intentions surrounding use of; saving, spending, investing, loaning monies or credit.
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Global Exchange - Shows actions and how to accomplish change on such far ranging issues as curtailing sweatshop practices to improving the environment. Internship program, volunteer work, activism with a purpose. Peace through Interamerican Community Action (PICA) - An activist organization to enable dignity and human rights for workers everywhere. Based in Bangor, Maine. Sustainable - Inspirational Center for Environmental Business on the Web: Up to date, informative, inclusive, progressive, and networking with comprehensive library. U.S. National Debt Clock - Seven generations from now we will all be owned by the banks and be impoverished if this continues. See the seventh and eighth links on Debt Clock home page for activists concerning the U.S. debt problem. Good Money's Survey - Market Basket survey aims to come up with what are fair wages in all parts of the world. Green Pages Online - Find thousands of green, environmentally responsible, socially responsible products services. Created by Co-op America. SIFE - Students in Free Enterprise - Non-profit organization educating people on concepts like market economics, entrepreneurship, and business ethics through educational outreach projects. General Electric and 3rd World Workers - Corporate Monitor reported GE unions asked for minimum fairness for third world workers. Greenwash Awards - Given to corporations that put more money, time and energy into PR campaigns aimed at promoting eco-friendly images than in protecting the environment. WoodWise Consumer - Green America's guide helps people conserve forests and trees by reducing consumption of wood and paper. Students for Change - E Mail list for students to work together on ethical behavior of corporations. SustainAbility Ltd. - UK think tank and business consultancy on sustainable business practices.
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