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Lists of commercial retailers of Trading Cards and Collectible Card Games (CCGS). There are listings from all over the world. Sites listed here will sell cards from multiple games. Most sites here will sell Magic the Gathering and Pokemon Cards. Most also have the standard links service, message boards and chat rooms, and these features are not mentioned in the descriptions. Note that collectible sets of cards which were sold with a product such as cigarettes or tea are called Trade Cards and may be found at Shopping: Antiques and Collectibles: Advertising Collectibles: Trade Cards.
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Collector's Cache - Offers Pokemon and Yugioh trading card game cards; also Magic the Gathering. Dragon's Lair Comics and Fantasy - CCGs, comics, miniatures, anime, manga, and gaming supplies. Locations in Austin, Round Rock and San Antonio. Astral Castle - Offering single cards. Free card lists. Troll and Toad - Has a large selection of Yugioh cards, Pokemon cards, Magic the Gathering cards, and HeroClix Miniatures. Potomac Distribution - CCG's, sport and non-sports cards. Comics and Beanie Babies. PSI Soft Games - Single cards and sealed products. Hosts tournaments. - Mage Knight, MLB Showdown 2000 and Pokemon. Beanie Babies. New Jersey, USA. CardHaus - Sales and information resource. Based in the USA. Gathering Ground - All CCGs and accessories. Includes message board, policies and tournament schedule. Flash Cards - Trading cards that are personalized to include the buyers information. Hill's WholeSale Gaming - Includes Pokemon, Star Wars, Star Trek, and Magic the Gathering. Choice Marketing - Specializes in firefighting apparatus card sets depicting engines from a variety of eras. - Offers Pokemon and Yugioh. CCG Realm - Supplier of CCG and miniatures singles for most games. Battlecards: World Conflict - Features a collectible, expandable World War II card game. Utena Tarot Deck - Information on how to order, pictures and package sizes. PokeOrder - Includes Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, Harry Potter, and Dragonball Z. Beanielad Trading Cards - Includes packs, signed cards, and collecting information. The Card Kid - Hobby store based in Cheyenne, Wyoming, with online ordering available. PokezorWorld - Sells wide variety of cards. USA based. Cool Stuff Games - Hobby store based in Orlando, Florida. Warclick - World of Warcraft specialist. Mencik's Sportscards - Featuring American and Japanese booster packs, theme decks, and supplies. Located in Maryland, USA. Wall Of Fame.Net - American and Japanese booster packs, decks, and singles. Match Attax Outlet - Specializing in individual and unopened packets of UK Football Cards. DJs Sports Cards - Offers singles. Home Field Cards - Single cards, booster boxes, cases, decks and supplies. Super Games Inc. - Emphasis on Magic the Gathering and Yu-Gi-Oh. Match Attax Trading Cards - Features Match Attax cards and merchandise. - CCGs in particular Pokemon. - Collectible card games and board games. Match Attax Swaps - Allows online swapping of cards. Find That Card - Australian store. Stocks many 20th century cards. Warlord CCG - Belgium based retailer. Ideal808 - Hawaii based retailer Footy Cards - Online shop for Match Attax cards. Squirrel Games - Magic the Gathering, boardgames, and collectable cards. Wild Things Games - Assorted selection of singles. The Top Trumps Place - UK based web shop specialising in Top Trumps cards. - Offers collectible card games, sportscards and accessories.
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