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This category provides both general and specific information for genuine antique, custom made, and/or reproduction hand tools, tools that are generally considered as suitable for woodworking hand tool purists.
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Pennyfarthing Tools - Offers antique, collectible and second-hand quality woodworking tools. Vintage Tools of Rural Crafts - Offers vintage handtools for the collectors and users of antique tools. Second Hand Tools - Offers antique, collectible and secondhand woodworking hand tools for all crafts and professions. Dieter Schmid - Offers hand woodworking tools. Lie-Nielsen Toolworks - Offers shoulder, miter and other planes, plus handsaws. Beall Tool Company - Offers custom wood working tools including wood threaders, dowels, drill bits, lathe tools and accessories, collet chucks, and spindle nose adaptors. Clark & Williams - Offers a large variety of traditional style wooden hand planes. Dave's Shaves - Offers handcrafted reproduction wooden spokeshaves, accessories, and service. Holtey Classic Handplanes - Offers the work of Karl Holtey - maker of woodworking handtools. Trinders' Fine Tools - Offers traditional hand planes, plus tool pictures, and books. Woodjoy Tools - Offers traditional style tools as designed and crafted by the maker. Hock Tools - Custom blades for wooden and metal planes, spokeshaves, scrapers and other tools. Adria Woodworking Tools - Reproductions of traditional hand saws - dovetail saw, carcass and tenon saws. ECE woodworking tools such as Primus planes and frame/bow saws. St. James Bay Tool Co. - Maker of infill planes and kits, luthier tools, shaves, marking and lay-out tools. H.N.T. Gordon Wooden Hand Planes - Offers a range of hand crafted woodworking planes. Darrell Chapnick-Plane Classics - Offers reproduction woodworking planes. Dowd's Vintage and Antique Tools - Offering vintage and antique handtools for woodworking and related trades. For the craftsman and collector. Traditional Woodworker - Offers specialized hand tools for woodworking and wood carving. Diefenbacher Tools - Offers hand tools for traditional woodworking. Cape Forge - Manufactures hand forged knives, chisels, and drawknives for wood carving.
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