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This category lists sites for retailers that carry fencing equipment (weapons and scoring machines), apparel and books.
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Negrini Fencing Line - Manufacturer and retailer of fencing equipment, clothing and scoring machines. Favero Electronic Design - Electronic goods for Olympic fencing (e.g. scoring machines), from this Italian manufacturer. Uhlmann Fechtsport - Products, dealers and company information for this German manufacturer. Fechtsport Langenkamp - Located in Germany, offering Allstar and Uhlmann equipment. Includes a size schedule. Sport 7 - Manufactures and retails fencing and armoring equipment; based in France. FWF - Fence With Fun - German manufacturer that makes point parts for foils and epees. Now manufactures range of uniforms and masks as well., LLC - Complete range of equipment for the beginner to advanced. Includes a forum, rules, and training tips. American Fencers Supply - Located in San Francisco, California, this supplier offers fencing equipment and stage combat weapons via online shopping. Leon Paul Fencing Equipment - Offers a variety of fencing equipment, as well as rules, photos, videos, screensaver, and a armoury section. Triplette Competition Arms - Offers equipment and apparel from a variety of manufacturers as well as its own line. Located in North Carolina Zivkovic Modern Fencing Equipment, Inc. - Online catalog, and order placement facility for this Massachusetts dealer of Olympic fencing equipment. The Fencing Post - View products and place orders online for Olympic fencing equipment with this California supplier. Blue-Gauntlet Fencing Gear - Online catalog and ordering of fencing equipment from this New Jersey supplier. - Offers interactive teaching CD-ROMs and video tapes from the Tyshler fencing school. Fencing Equipment USA - Offers a variety of fencing practice goods. Allstar UK - Clothing, equipment and accessories from the authorized dealer for Allstar equipment in the United Kingdom. Fencing Equipment of Canada - Alberta-based supplier of a complete line of equipment and clothing. Crossed Swords Fencing Equipment - Equipment suppliers for Allstar, Leon Paul and PBT. Located in Manitoba, Canada. Leon Paul USA - Offers a variety of fencing equipment and accessories. Includes a chat forum, wallpaper and video. Eigertek - Featuring "Eclipse", a 3-weapon scoring machine that can be powered by a 9-volt battery. Includes the user guide and mounting information. Zip Fencing - Manufactures new one piece epee tip. Sword Price Fighters - UK based supplier of fencing equipment. Absolute Fencing Gear, Inc - NJ-Based Fencing gear supplier offers house brand items as well as Negrini and Uhlmann. Blade Fencing Equipment - Offers sets, uniforms, weapons, coaches' gear, bags and accessories. Sword Masters, LLC - Supplier of Estoc Competition fencing equipment and replica weaponry.
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