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Basement Lighting Hydroponics - Offering grow lights, hydroponics systems and accessories for indoor cultivation. Inhome Health Services - Offering a variety of prescription drugs. The Basement Shaman - Sells plants, herbs, herbal smoking blends, aphrodisiacs and tools for exploring consciousness. Cannapee Ethnobotanicals - Sells a variety of ethnobotanical from around the world. FS Book Company - Offers books, videos, and magazines on drug education, use, and cultivation including psychedelics, marijuana, and mushrooms. Bouncing Bear Botanicals - Supplier of entheogens, rare plants, seeds, cacti, and mushrooms. Mazatec Garden - Provides shamanistic herbs and herbal extracts including salvia divinorum, dream herb, sinicuichi, wild dagga, damiana, incense, kava and ephedra. - Offers bongs, mushroom grow kits, salvia divinorum, UV and rave accessories. - Sells cannabis related products. Also includes information, a discussion forum, and a search engine. The Pukka Seed Company - Sells seeds, books, salvia divinorum, herbal highs, cactus, bongs and other accessories. Pot Seeds - Suppliers of cannabis seeds imported from Holland. Also sells salvia divinorum and hemp fabric t-shirts. Ethno Botany Source - Sells ethnobotanical plants and enteogens including salvia divinorum. Ez-Test - Offers a test for pills or capsules sold as Ecstasy to distinguish between fakes and XTC like substances. Amazing Nature - Psyhoative herbs, seeds, mushrooms and cactii. Herbal Fire Botanicals - Offers a selection of ethnobotanical and herbal products, including salvia divinorum, mushrooms, and San Pedro cactus. Products are mostly extracts and plant parts, with a few seeds also available. Botanic-Art - Cacti, herbs, herbal products, oils, extracts, tea, ethnobotanical seeds and plants for sale.
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