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Software related to real-world aviation and flying.
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PC Aviator - Offers software, hardware, add-ons, scenery expansions, joysticks, flight yokes, and rudder pedals. J. Booth and Company - ARSA, the Automated Reservation System for Aircraft is a PC-based scheduling system for flying clubs and FBOs. Airborne Software International - Produces a pilot's logbook and a flight and duty monitor for small charter companies, flight schools and operational flying units. Alan Beard - Alpha Crucis is a dedicated program for marking Precision Flying Competitions. Rontal Colour Inc. - Canadian Flight Wizard, a flight planning package. Deloach Sales and Software - A variety of aviation software, training material and pilot supplies. Data Access, Inc. - Provides aircraft service locator for parts and maintenance. Services include military, civil, business, commercial, and helicopter. E-allocator - A web-based booking system for scheduling group or club-operated aircraft. GenAv Systems Ltd - Aviation booking and student analysis software. eFlite, Inc. - Aircraft weight and balance software calculator programs with load manifest sheets. Colin's Free Booking System - Private group aircraft booking system. No frills, no adverts, no clutter. Just the "easy to use" system. Free to private users. Visual Online Reservation - Web-based Reservation System for Flight Schools and Flying Clubs e-logbooks - Online logbook and aircraft booking system for private and commercial pilots, flying schools, aircraft owners, groups and instructors ProLine Systems - Makers of SlantAlpha, a Palm OS based navigational aid. AirLog Pilot Software - Pilot logbook software and other resources for pilots of all levels. - 24/7 phone and internet scheduling for flight schools, FBOs, clubs, and aircraft owners. Free 30-day trial. CoPilot Flight Planning Software - An application program for the Palm Computing Platform that performs flight planning calculations --calculations that you would usually perform with a ruler, a protractor and an E6B calculator. Stores data for flights so that you can refer back to previous trips (or modify them for new trips). First Solo Software - Develops aviation educational software for general aviation FAA exams. GenAv Flight Office - GFO, a total solution package for flights schools and charter operations, incorporates software to facilitate and manage all data associated with scheduling, maintenance, accounting, pilot shop sales, and internet access for students, instructors, and managers. Flight Central - Offers book of questions and route browser. Plus demos and FAQ of products. Aviation Domain Names - A collection of aviation related domain names for sale. EGView Software - EGViewTM is the most flexible and powerful aircraft engine monitor data viewer available. You can view one parameter, all recorded engine parameters at once or any combination. Paralog Skydiving Logbook - Open skydiving logbook software supporting the major freefall loggers. Seattle Avionics Software - Home of Voyager flight planning software, smartPlates IFR procedure management software. - Internet based Aircraft Maintenance Logbook. Electronic Pilot Logbook (U.S.) 2.1 - Electronic Pilot Logbook (U.S.) -developed by Pilots for Pilots. ..contains FAA Form 8710, automatic distance calculations, Currencies.. Aviation Logbook - - We will track your flying hours just like your paper aviation logbooks, but our online aviation logbook will make the process much easier. ICCI Airline Systems - Provides system software for airports and airlines. Including Departure Control Systems, Flight Information Display Systems and Passenger Baggage Systems. OpenFlyers - French association working for the development and the provision of data-processing tools, in particular opensource software. Supply an online booking system for flying clubs. Control Vision Corp. - Offering "Anywhere Map", an aviation GPS moving map system with flight planning software and available XM WX Satellite weather.
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