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Retailers that sell primarily gear and accessories for skydiving are listed in this category.
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Paratec - German manufacturer of parachutes, including the Next container, the Fandango, Balance, Quadra and Super-7 mains, and the Speed 2000 reserve. Printable order forms. Big Air Sport - Sells the Samurai, Lotus, Ninja, and Genesis parachutes. Printable order forms. Flite Suit - Freefly, RW, skyboarding and camera jumpsuits. Downloadable order forms. Tony Suits - Manufactures a range of RW and freefly suits. Printable order forms. Don Mayer's Parachute Shop - Parachute equipment distributor. Online catalog. Sunshine Factory - Sells a wide range of skydiving goods. Online ordering for accessories. Printable order forms for canopies and containers. Action Air Parachutes - Parachute sales and service. Sells canopies, containers, AADs, helmets, goggles, altimeters, audible altimeters, accessories, books and videos. Based in US. Online catalog but no prices. Skyhi Visual Productions - Sells "Malfunctions!" video and photos for training. Also manufactures and supplies custom-made jump suits for skydiving cameramen. Rigs and Things Paraservice - Sells skydiving accessories, canopies, containers, AADs, jumpsuits and altis. Square One Parachutes - Supplier of a huge variety of skydiving equipment, clothing and accessories. Online ordering, including graphical canopy and container color design. Total Control skydive gear - Distributes skydive gear, including parachutes, altimeters and helmets. Skydiving Suits by Bev Hein - Skydiving jumpsuit manufacturer. Printable order forms. Skydance HeadGear - Skydiving photography helmets and accessories. Para-Gear Equipment Co. - Parachute equipment distributor. Wide range of goods in their online catalog. E-mail, phone, fax, or mail to order. Gravity Gear - Skydiving and base jumping equipment, apparel and accessories, including canopies, jumpsuits, altimeters and AADs. Eg Sky Technologies - Sky diving apparel and accessories manufacturer, producing jumpsuits, frap hats, back packs, hand bags, hats, and leather products.
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