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Toys may be used to train or entertain pet birds.
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Parrot Pleasures - Selling bird toys in all sizes. Bird Toys Etc. - Provides toys, swirls and play gyms in rope, metal and plastic, for all sizes of birds. Also offers custom embroidered shirts. Chopper's Toys - Parrot toys designed to offer your bird a variety of mentally stimulating textures and fun. Home of the Tear Ups, Day Play and the original Sleepee-Teepee. Wings at Play - Toys of all sizes as well as hand/foot toys, perches, swings and cage accessories. Bizee Bird Toys - Supplying cotton swings and wooden accessories, as well as self-assembly kits. Birds Just Wanna Have Fun - Easy to make bird toys and toy making parts including beads, rings, wood, leather, chain, rope, and safe metal hardware. Also offers parrot gift items. Twin Leather Company - Vegetable tanned leather for bird toys. leather lace, shapes and scraps by the pound. Bird safe leather toy kits and supplies including circles, squares, animals, bugs and others. Nalani Toys - Creative and colorful bird toys to excite and challenge your feathered companion. Toys for Cockatiels to Hyacinths. Specializing in African Grey toys. Offers toy parts, tropical treats and some supplies. Jungle Bird - Manufacturer of the Jungle Bridge bird toy appropriate for all sizes of pet birds. Made of natural poplar and rope construction. Exotic Creations - Bird toys and toy making parts. Design Rite Products - Hand-Crafted bird toys designed specifically for the way birds play. Order by mail. 8 Beaks - Bright colorful bird toys for all sizes of birds designed and handmade especially for each order placed using bird-safe parts. Also offer many toy making parts. Discount Bird Toys - Specializing in Cockatoo toys. Small, medium and large size bird toys made of plastic, acrylic, wood, chain and cotton rope. Order by mail. Byrdbell Company - Manufacturers and sellers of parrot toys for small, medium and large size birds. Order by mail or by phone. Big Beaks Bird Toys - Specializing in large bird toys for Cockatoos and Macaws. Beakapoo - Featuring bird toys, parts, ad sleep tents. Specializing in Conures and Cockatiels. Includes tips for choosing safe items. Bizzy Bird Toys - All sizes of bird toys, playpens/playgyms and carriers. Order by phone. Sun Conure.Com - Bird toys and toy making parts. A Bird Toy - Offering bird toys for all sizes of birds as well as toy making parts. TLC Parrot Toys - Offering a variety of bird toys for all sizes of parrots. California Bird Nerds - Bird toys and toy parts, including zinc-free, stainless steel hardware; vegetable tanned leather; and a wide variety of wood, including chewables. Fun Time Birdy - Specializing in Parrot play gyms and bird toys. Molly's Bird Toys - Variety of bird toys and toy making parts. A Unique Idea - Bird toys made of wood, acrylic, and leather. Offering foraging toys for all sizes of birds. Birdy Boredom Busters - Offering toys for birds of all sizes as well as a large selection of toy parts. Starbird - Toys and DVDs. Bird Toys and Parrot - Safe bird toys handmade in the USA with vet approval. Toy sizes for small birds to large macaws. Bird Kabob - Shreddable toys that are 100% natural and Earth-friendly. Dianes Bird Toys - Colorful home made bird toys made with safe materials. - Avian enrichment toys and products to help stimulate good mental health, with textures to explore, foraging play, and other activities. Wyspurcreations - Handcrafted toys for the entertainment and enjoyment of parrots. Made with bird-safe materials. Bite Me Pet Toys - Manufacturer and retailer offers handmade designs for all sizes of birds. Includes a photo gallery, wholesale and upcoming show information.
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