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Sites where instructional material for all kinds of keyboards can be purchased.
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Charley Wyser's Piano and Keyboard Connection - Offers instruction books from beginning to advanced. Jixis Graphical Music System - Learn to play the keyboard by graphical correspondence between the Jixis color-coded keying labels and ordinary sheet music. Ard Publications - CD for classical or sacred organ study. Helps teach organ registration, manual and pedal technique, hymn playing. The manual for organ essentials is available separately. Keyboard Central - Interactive, online lessons and ebook instruction for keyboard, piano, or organ at home. Also includes information on instrument purchase criteria. Modern Blues For Keyboard - Description of and purchasing information for a video on blues-style keyboard, piano and organ. Duane Shinn's Keyboard Workshop - Descriptions and an order form for several books and videos for all styles and levels. Lakeside Studios - Offers books on how to play piano and organ, and on music theory. Piano for Life Instructional Videos - Chord-based piano instruction on video, covering harmony, music structure and exercises. Keyboard Chord Finder Software - Offers an Instant Keyboard Chord Finder Software OrganTutor - Offers a CD and workbook teaching organ registration, technique, and hymn playing in classical and traditional sacred organ style. By Don Cook of Brigham Young University. Chordmaster - Offers chord theory on CD for PC. Keyboard Sheet Music Store - Offers keyboard lessons and piano lessons, music e-books, sheet music and songbooks. Demibach Editions - Provides resources for reading keyboard music, a learning method for both students and teachers. - Offers a video series for learning gospel music on piano and organ. Music Vision International - Offers a computer-aided method of teaching piano and music to children. Includes educational material for parents, demos, articles, songs library.
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