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Karaoke is an entertainment in which amateur performers sing popular songs to a pre-recorded accompaniment. This is typically, though not necessarily, done in a public place such as a night club.

Karaoke recordings are specially produced to include a variety of popular songs from which the lead vocals have been omitted. They come in a variety of formats including tape, CD, CD+G, and VCD.

Karaoke equipment is designed for the playback of karaoke recordings. It comes in a variety of formats and styles. There are professional and amateur grades of equipment; some are intended for use by professional KJs (karaoke jocks) in clubs while some are intended for personal practicing or in-home entertainment.

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Music Connection Inc. - Offering a variety of karaoke mixes, as well as custom CDs. Includes regional rental services. Karaoke Warehouse - Karaoke players in CDG, Video CD and DVD formats, accessories, disks, tapes. Seattle Karaoke Enterprises - Selling Karaoke equipment, DVD, LD, CD-G, VCD, and cassette tapes. Karaoke Depot - Offering software, hardware, and accessories. Includes refurbished items. Image Tronics Karaoke - Daily updated searchable Karaoke song database. Selling hardware, software (including DVD, Video CD, and CD+G), and equipment. Capital Karaoke - Australian supplier of karaoke music and equipment. - Wholesale and retail sales of home and pro karaoke equipment and CDG disks. East Midlands Karaoke - Suppliers of karaoke discs and equipment for over 11 years. Based in Nottingham England. - Collection of karaoke VCDs. T.J. Music House Inc. - Karaoke equipment, software, accessories, microphones, laser discs, VCDs, CD+Gs, and DVDs. Karaoke Star - Stocks a complete line of karaoke software and hardware for home or professional use. Magic Karaoke - Retailer that specializes in karaoke equipment. Product information, song list, and setup FAQs. Sing To The World - Online karaoke, DVDs, CDGs, custom CDGs, and karaoke equipment. Karaoke Now! - Equipment for all experience levels and needs as well as karaoke discs in a variety of formats. Good Time Karaoke - Karaoke CDGs, equipment and lighting. Cheap Karaoke - Professional and portable karaoke systems, equipment, accessories, speakers and special effects lighting. The Singer's Workshop - International karaoke software. Cassettes, audio CDs, CD graphics and original music. All styles and formats in English, French, Spanish, and Italian. Aloha2go - Sells Hawaiian karaoke CDGs and DVDs. Karaoke Island - Offers mp3 karaoke songs and a freeware player, which turns your PC into a karaoke machine. Bouncing Bean - UK company specialising in karaoke discs in CD+G and DVD disc format and including create personal discs. Session Music - UK karaoke specialists supplying karaoke and disco equipment, CDG and custom karaoke discs. Karaoke UK - UK suppliers of karaoke equipment including machines, laser discs and CDGs. ATechGlobal - Offers all in one machines, players, mixes, microphones, speakers and accessories. Ace Karaoke Corporation - Wholesaler and retailer of Karaoke machines sells players, amplifiers, speakers, mixers, and accessories, as well as CD+Gs, DVDs, and VCDs in a variety of languages. - Offers CD+G, DVD, and VCD. Wow Magic Sing - Seller of videoke microphones and song chips. Ace-karaoke Technology Co., Ltd - Sells karaoke songs and audio equipment. China. 5 Star Karaoke - Features a selection of music players,disc, machines and systems. Magic Sing - Source of information about karaoke magic sing microphones and accessories and music related articles. Magic Mic USA - An online authorized retailer of Magic Sing microphone, song chips and accessories from EnterTech. Acesonic Karaoke - Offers karaoke machines, speakers, cables, stands, and players. Magic Sing Search Directory - A database of magic karaoke microphone song chips information that are sorted by artist or song chip release. - Sells R&B, gospel, hip-hop, oldies and reggae karaoke CDs. WebbyShop - Sells magic sing products such as microphones, song chips and accessories from Enter Tech. Sundown Karaoke - Offers manufacturing of karaoke discs, cd+g, VCD and DVD formats and specialise in personalised discs. PartyTyme - Karaoke music CDs and DVDs including billboard, top-10, pop, rock, country, oldies, and rhythm and blues.
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