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Pest control products which are non-toxic, or which provide alternatives to toxic materials and practices. These include non-toxic substances, electronic devices, special lights, beneficial insects for gardens, biological toxins targeting specific pests, repellents, products for preventive measures, non-poisonous traps, etc.
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D-Tek Live Bee Removal - We offer live bee removal, bee control, bee hive removal, and bee removal repair services. Honey Bees are then relocated to our San Diego Apiary. Koppert Biological Systems - Biological crop protection and natural pollination products by use of beneficial insects and mites. Natural Insect Control - Offers environmentally friendly ways to fight lawn and garden insects. Gardens Alive - Environmentally friendly pest controls. Get Set Inc. - Organic, environmentally safe pest control. DeerBusters - Deer control products. Perma-Guard - Diatomaceous earth product that works without chemicals. Includes suggested uses and application directions. Nature's Control - Beneficial insects and related pest controls for organic gardening. Plant Pro-Tec - Garlic units deer and rabbit repellent discourage browsing of trees, shrubs, flowers and gardens. Tanem's Garden - Deer resistant planting guide. Tru-Catch Traps - Animal traps in various sizes. Invisible Gardener - Natural pest control products. Osage Hedge Balls - Natural repellent for insects. Mosquito Barrier - Liquid garlic concentrate that dilutes in water and is sprayed on grassy areas to control mosquitoes. Deernono Company - Deer repellent. km AntPro - Liquid bait, ant control system. It's used for fire ants, argentine ants, carpenter ants, and white footed ants. Rid-Max Fly Traps - Environmentally safe reuseable fly trap. Greenergy, Inc - Insect control traps. WhateverWorks - Natural pest control solutions for pests. Enviro Protection Industries - Deer and rabbit biodegradable granular repellent, with a scent that alerts animals to a sense of danger and causes them to flee the area. Homs - Manufactures and sells a deet free repellent. Includes news articles and information for wholesalers and consumers. AG Organics - Retailer of organic products for Home and Garden. Critter Repellent - Offers animal repellents for home and garden based on their predator's urine. Flies Be Gone - Sells non-toxic baited fly traps. Information on operating principles, FAQ, and testimonials. Hot Pepper Wax - Natural capsaicin-based repellent, with formulations to deter insects or mammals. Product, safety, and company information. Wireless Deer Fence - Provides a wireless device to deter deer and moose from plants and yards. I Must Garden - Producer of natural repellents for various animals including common mammal and insect pests. Earth-Kind, Inc. - Natural rodent repellent and pest control products, plus biodegradable air fresheners. Orange Guard - Organic, and environmentally friendly insecticide that uses all natural ingredients. Messina Wildlife - Manufactures a line of animal repellents. Product information, retailer listing, and online shop.
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