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Cutlery is defined as implements designed for cutting food.
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Hainlin - Retailer of knives, scissors, manicure sets, and left-handed articles. David Mellor - Manufactures and retails modern designs of cutlery, kitchen knives, tableware and kitchenware. Sonoma Cutlery - Sells cutlery, sport knives, sharpening stones and scissors and grooming items. New West Knife Works - Offers custom kitchen and handmade chef knives. Located in Ventura, California. Tenafly Imports - Sells kitchen knives manufactured by Gunter Wilhelm and other cooking accessories. Eagle Mountain Knife Company - Offers Forschner Victorinox knives and cutlery, as well as sharpening instructions. Knife Merchant - Offers a selection of kitchen knives, sharpeners and accessories. Chef Knives To Go - Offers a variety of kitchen knives as well as cases, cutting boards, and sharpeners. Hank the Knife - Sells kitchen knives, knife blocks and cutlery sets. ALFI International, Inc - Manufactures and sells kitchen knives. Also retails other brand knives and kitchen appliances. Premier Cutlery - Sells knives, kitchen gadgets, and knife sharpeners. C.A.D. Cutlery Co - Kitchen knives and knife cases, sharpeners, scissors and other kitchen tools. Shenzhen Ceramic Knives - Kitchen knives with durable white or black ceramic blades. Japanese Chef's Knives - Sells fine Japanese chef's knives direct from Japan. Laguiole - Offers French handcrafted Laguiole cutlery such as folding knives, table cutlery and corkscrews. Precision Knife Sharpening - Offering Messermeister knives, sharpeners, and cutting boards. also offers a sharpening service by mail. Cutlery Cuts - Retails kitchen knives, cutting blocks and sharpeners. New Jersey Grinding LLC - Sells chef knives, cutlery and sharpening services. Heimerdinger Cutlery - Heimerdinger Cutlery carries a wide selection of kitchen, chef and butcher knives. They also offer specialty scissors, shears, manicure tools, knife making supplies and pruning tools. Korin Japanese Trading Corp. - Sells Japanese chef knives and restaurant supplies. EZ Sharp - Lightweight tool for sharpening knives. Includes testimonials and wholesale options.
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