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This category contains sites that meet the guidelines of a Shopping site and primarily market smaller appliances that can fit on a counter, such as mixers, blenders, pasta machines, toasters or crockpots. Please note there is a separate category for coffee-makers.
Sites [ Submit ] - Selling a compact countertop pizza oven. Also has recipes and links. UK Juicers - Offers juicing machines, dehydrators, blenders, water purifiers, and sprouters. Provides a newsletter, located in the UK. Hot Ideas Limited - Makes and sells products such as electric plate warmer, electric bread basket, mini oven and grill and hand juicer. Wells Can Company Limited - Features canning products for industrial, home and general purpose applications also offers dehydrators and juicers. West Bend Kitchen Appliances - Manufacturer of small kitchen appliances, including bread makers, coffee makers, mixers, popcorn poppers, slow cookers, fondue pots and toasters. LB Healing Products - Specialising in grain mills, juicers, survival products,nutritional supplements and books. located in Australia. SR Leisure Time Products - Features the Daiquiri Whacker, a gas powered blender, for outdoor and sporting events. Your Delight - Sells commercial and consumer appliances from a variety of manufacturers. Sanlinx Inc. - Everything for making soy milk and tofu at home. Pleasant Hill Grain - Variety of appliances including hand and motor-driven mills, dehydrators, mixers, bread makers, and juicers. Products For Health - Source for juicers, sprouters, dehydrators, sprouters, blenders, water distillers, wheatgrass juicers, flour mills, citrus juicers, soymilk makers, yogurt makers and sprouting kits. Real Foods - Juicers, water distillers, and air purifiers. Pump-N-Seal - Home vacuum sealing and marinating system. Ice Cream Outlet Store - Offers White Mountain electric and hand ice cream makers. EasiYo Yogurt - Offers an in-the-refrigerator yogurt maker as well as supplies. Zippy Freeze Ice cream - Home machines for ice cream or frozen drinks. The Peas and Corn Company - Offers small kitchen appliances and utensils including White Mountain ice cream makers, vegetable slicers, creamers, shellers and cookers. Rival - Online shopping for all Rival brand small kitchen appliances. Features product showroom, recipes, and service and warranty information. Tribest Corporation - Markets a range of juicers, sprouters, distillers, grain mills, blenders, and supplements. Waterbridge - Sells an assortment of electric plate warmers with Waverly fabric that holds up to 15 plates. The Prairie Moon Company - Offers soda siphons, seltzer bottles, cream whippers, chargers and syrup for soda fountain drinks, homemade soda, or shaved ice. Juicers Australia - Supplier of juicers and foot massagers, as well as water filters and distillers. Located in Australia. Everything Kitchens - Purchase appliances such as stand mixers, food dehydrators, grain mills, bread machines or juicers. Kitchen Help - Offers a range of appliances such as grain mills and dehydrators. Located in Canada. Kodiak Health Products - Offers a variety of products including mixers, mills, juicers, and vacuum packaging machines. - Includes rice cookers, sushi making tools, tea and sake supplies, small appliances, and dinnerware suited for Japanese cuisine as well as other Asian cuisines. Kitchen Universe - Carries kitchen brands such as Cuisinart, Krups, Saeco and Waring. Tilia - Manufacturer of the FoodSaver vacuum packaging systems. Includes product information, retailer locations, customer service and technical support. Homestead Harvest - Offers canners, juicers, fruit presses and pitters, vacuum sealers and grain milling supplies. EasyWhip - Offers whipped cream chargers, whip cream dispensers, syrups, soda siphons and co2 cartridges and accessories. Santha USA - Retailer of kitchen grinders, pressure cookers and mixers for Indian. Raclette Australia - Sells raclette grills. Based in Australia. Healthnut Alternatives - Supplier of household and commercial juicers and juicing machines. Also sells kitchen appliances. K-Tec - Offers both commercial and residential blenders, grain mills, and mixers. - Offering supplies and ingredients, tips, recipes, and a forum. Includes mincers, slicers and stuffing appliances. For Your Kitchen - Sells kitchen products and countertop appliances Skippy Grain Mills - Offers home stone mills for all dry grains. Located in Australia. BuyItNow - Sells small appliances and parts, humidifier and air cleaner filters, vacuums, as well as shavers. Pickering Appliance - Small and personal appliances, accessories, and parts. Includes a newsletter and currency converter.
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