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Honey is the sweet liquid made by bees, from the nectar of flowers. The taste varies according to the types of flowers. These online sites sell honey and honeybee products.
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Sue Bee Honey - Honey and related products from the Sioux Honey Association. Includes information on bees, the association, and recipes. Ships in USA. Pyrenees Honey - Offers raw unprocessed honey from the Pyrenees in Spain. Ordering and contact details. Sweet Betty Bee's - Naturally produced North Carolina honey products. Beekman & Beekman - Sales of honey varieties including sage, orange blossom, and thistle, and honey wine, also known as mead. Order by telephone. Marshall's Farm Honey - Sells artisanal honey both online and in onsite store; offers tours. Directions, beekeeper biographies, and retail outlets. MtnHoney - Sourwood and wildflower honey from the Georgia mountains. Bear Mountain Honey Company - Natural, raw honey in glass or plastic jars, and sticks. Wellhausen Apiaries - Pure Ohio honey and bee-themed items. Includes honey uses, education and honey links. Carlisle Honey - Natural, unheated, unprocessed, summer wildflower or spring blossom flavors, and honeycombs, from Massachusetts beekeepers. Thomas Honey Company - Sales of gallberry, orange blossom, tupelo and wildflower honey, and beeswax products. Uvalde Honey - Pure and natural huajillo honey in jars or gift crates. Gruwell Apiary - Florida producers of raw honey, beeswax, pollen and natural honey products. Ships in USA. Dutch Gold Honey - Offering 13 varieties of Grade A pure honey sold. Includes company information and recipes. Howland Enterprises Inc. - Creamed white honey from Saskatchewan, and beeswax taper candles. Really Raw Honey - All natural, unstrained honey, pollen and bee-related books. The Bee Folks - An assortment of exotic and local varieties of honey, also sold in bulk. Soap, hand cream, and beeswax candles. Bee City - Tupelo honey in various sizes and containers, plus bee pollen, and figurines made of beeswax. Bee-Pure Honey - Wisconsin honey, honeycombs and gift baskets. The honey is made from wildflowers, alfalfa and cloves. Ships in USA. Kallas Honey Farm - Kosher honey producers. History of the firm and catalogue of its products for retail and commercial sales. Waireka Honey Centre - Pure honeys from New Zealand native trees. Royal Jelly, Propolis liquid, bee pollen products, gift packs and bee-keeping equipment. Rudy's Honey - Livingston, Texas. Wildflower honey in several size containers, beeswax, beeswax candles, lip balm, and soaps. Laney Honey - Offers varieties of honey by floral source, as well as beeswax and skin care products. North Liberty, Indiana. Hunters Honey Farm - Indiana beekeeper selling honey products, handmade soap, bee wax candles, and bee pollen. Grand River Honey Co. - Family run North Dakota honey business. Offers honey facts to include baking, storage, safety, and nutrition. K. Basterfield & Son - Honey and beeswax company. Listing of retailers where products are sold and upcoming farmer market schedule. United Kingdom. Whitfield Apiaries - Produces raw honey from Michigan. News letter and biological honey information. Mohawk Valley Trading Company - Produces raw, unstrained, unheated, unblended, and unprocessed honey. Chicago Honey Co-op - Chicago beekeeping cooperative. Cooperative principles, articles, and information about the bee farm. Honey Pacifica - California raw honey producer. Recipes and farmer market schedule. Wines Bee Yard - Natural honey and honey products, dripless bees wax candles, and lip balms. Nature's Country Gold Ltd - Gourmet pure honey from New Zealand. Bee Wilde Honey Farm - Selling raw, wild honey, beeswax body products and beeswax candles. - Selling organic Royal Sidr honey from Yemen. Yemeni Honey - Selling honey, beeswax, pollen and Royal Jelly, and coffee. Stewartbees - Small family run business producing and selling honey and honey based products. Browning’s Honey Co., Inc - Offers creamed style honey, beeswax and skin care products, candy, gifts and novelties from Idaho Falls, Idaho. Peace River Bees - Sells pure, raw, natural honey varietals and organic skin care products. Harvest Lane Honey - Honey sales, bee removal, and bees. Azure Gardens - California starthistle, clover, sunflower, and alfalfa honeys, and beeswax. Quantities from 1 jar to over 55 gallons available. Rare Hawaiian Honey Company - Certified organic Hawaiian white honey from the Kiawe tree, and lehua honey. Smiley Apiaries - Florida Tupelo honey sold in plastic jugs and squeeze bottles. Round Rock Honey - Harvests and sells raw Texas wildflower honey in several sizes along with beeswax candles and lip balm.
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