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Retailers offering tea (Camellia sinensis) in loose-leaf and/or teabag form. Sites may also offer teapots and other preparation accessories, teatime foods, herbal infusions, and/or other related products.
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AC Perch's Tea Shop - Fine teas and accessories for six generations. Shop located in Denmark; shipping worldwide. In English, Danish, and German. Le Palais des Thés - Offering teas from around the world along with accessories. Includes information about the history and types of tea, tea ceremonies and tea school. [English, French, German] Un Amour des Thes - Offers more than 150 varieties of teas. Site in English and French. Revolution Tea Company - Loose leaf tea blends combining teas, fruits, herbs, spices, and natural flavorings. Harney & Sons Fine Teas - Fine loose teas, including darjeeling, earl grey, chai, organic green, and oolong. Iced tea and herbal infusions. Teapots, teatime treats, and accessories. Choice Organic Teas - Branded organic teas. Twinings Tea - One of the oldest brand names in the world. The Stash Tea Company - Loose and bagged teas and infusions, tea accessories. Multilingual site. M & P's Tea - Single estate teas and blends shipped worldwide. Office located in Japan. China Mist - Offering several varieties of flavoured and plain iced tea and herbals, as well as gift baskets. Site provides a history of tea and fun stuff for kids. The Tea Emporium - Provides a wide variety of loose leaf teas and accessories. Hibiki-an - Private plantation tea from in Kyoto, Japan. $35 order minimum. Dilmah Tea - Fresh unblended pure Ceylon tea. Whittard of Chelsea - English teas and teaware items, famous in Britain and British territories, now available in the United States. The Old Curiosity Tea Shop - A selection of teas and accessories based in Canada, Artisan's Cup - Custom blended loose leaf black and green tea, as well as private labels. Also offering wholesale. Rose Tree Cottage - House blends and imported British teas, accessories, and teatime treats. Specialty tours of Britain, and information on the serving of afternoon tea. Tea room located in Pasadena, CA. Teaism - Premium teas and tisanes online. Also three tea houses in Washington DC. Celestial Seasonings - Teas, herbal infusions, accessories, and health-oriented products. Print-out colouring book for the kids. Blue Moon Tea - Gourmet tea shop, imported teas and teatime foods from the UK. Teapots, tea accessories, tea gift boxes and baskets. Perennial Tea Room - Offers a selection of teas, teapots and tea accessories. Tealuxe - A complete tea site, tea terms, tea history and a menu of over 120 teas. Virtuous Teas - Provides a selection of black, oolong, green, herbal, and estate teas and accessories. Ostfriesen Tea & Porzellan Shop - Ostfriesen tea, porcelain teapots, tea service, and accessories imported from Germany. Article on Ostfriesen tea-drinking tradition. Elmwood Inn - Specialty teas, accessories, and teatime treats. Daintree Tea Company - Provides leaf and bag tea, grown and processed on the family-owned plantation in North Queensland, Australia. Includes wholesale order form and links for the United States and Canada. Bigelow Tea - Brand name teas and accessories. Design In Mind, Inc. - A large selection of teas, cozies, teapots and accessories. - Dedicated to the art of high mountain Taiwanese Oolong tea. Ashworth Tea - Offerings from China, Japan, Darjeeling, Assam and Kenya. O-Cha - Premium Japanese green teas, teapots, teacups and storage accessories. The Republic of Tea - Purveyor of premium and wellness teas, herbs and teaware. Penelope's Tea Time - English teas from Whittard of Chelsea. English-style cozies, teapots and teacups, and silver tea accessories. E-teas - Suppliers of loose tea herbs fruits and spices. Far Leaves Tea - Premium loose-leaf teas. Green, oolong, and black teas from China, Japan, Taiwan, and India. Blends, flavoured teas, and herbal infusions. Original Ceylon Tea Company - Flavoured teas from Sri Lanka in loose and bag form. Organic fair trade teas from Needwood Organic Teas. Mark T. Wendell - Tea importers offering a fine selection of gourmet teas and accessories, specializing in Hu-Kwa tea. Tea World - Fine and packaged teas, rooibos, and infusions. Tea-flavour candies and teatime treats. Shipping worldwide. In English and German. The Boulder Teahouse - Order a variety of teas from this tearoom located in Boulder, Colorado. Upton Tea Imports - Offers a variety of teas and accessories. Includes history and gift selections. Gray & Seddon - Premium black, green and oolong teas, most of which are not obtainable elsewhere. Scented teas and herbal infusions. Authentic Yixing clay teapots. Todd and Holland Tea Merchants - Offers loose-leaf teas and accessories. The Tea Haus - Provides a selection of loose teas and various accessories. - Over 180 fine teas and blends, tisanes, herbals, and rooibos. Chai and mate. Storage accessories. Imperial Tea Court - Founded by Grace and Roy Fong in San Francisco and offers online shopping for fine Asian teas, teapots, and accessories. Qi Botanical Tea (Canada) Ltd. - Over 250 loose teas, custom blends, teabags, iced tea, chai, ginseng. Importer and blender of green, black, herbal and fruit tisanes. Silver Plume Tea Room - Offers a selection of antiques and a tea room serving breakfast, lunch, baked goods, and loose-leaf teas. Estate Tea Company - Fine and single-estate teas from around the world. Volume purchasing discounts. Teapots and accessories; tea starter kits. Tea Affair - Broad selection of green teas, black teas and tea accessories. In Pursuit of Tea, Inc. - Premium pure, unscented tea leaves. Green, black, oolong, white and pu-erh teas. Teapots, tea storage accessories, and gifts. Tao of Tea - Offering a selection of loose leaf teas, teapots, cups and brewing implements. Shan Shui Teas - Specializing in Taiwanese oolong teas, Korean green teas, Yixing teapots, and teaware for gongfu tea. Site includes brewing instructions. The Tea House - Imports and blends fine teas; also a selection of traditional Chinese earthenware pots. Mrs. Kelly's Custom Blended Teas - Imported varieties, scented, and blended family tea recipes. Preparation methods, recipes, and event calendar. Teas Etc. - Featuring premium loose leaf teas; Black, Green, Oolong, and Tisanes (herbal). Serendipitea - Purveyor of many different teas, tisanes and tea accessories. Adagio Teas - Many tea varieties of loose tea, tea ware and information on its history. Teavana - Fresh loose leaf green, black, white, oolong, rooibos, and chai teas. Also a large array of teapots and teaware. Ten Ren Tea - An extensive and unique selection of Green, Oolong, Pouchong, Jasmine, herbal teas and other related products. Founded in 1953 with over 120 stores worldwide, teas now available by mail order. DiviniTea - Organic and bio-dynamic loose teas, chai, and herbal infusions. The Fragrant Leaf - Full-leaf teas, brewing accessories and unique tea gifts. Generation Tea - Provides you with a nice selection of quality Chinese teas and tea wear at competitive prices. Tea Fountain - Carrying loose leaf teas, herbal infusions, teapots, and flavored honey. The Tea Table - Offering premium loose leaf teas for hot and iced tea, a tea of the month club, and gift sets for tea lovers. Culinary Teas - Purveyors of a large selection and wide variety of loose teas as well as tea accessories and teapots. British Express - Extensive selection of brand-name teas imported from England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales. Teapots and accessories. - Offering current year premium tea. Rishi-Tea - Black, green, oolong, white, organic, and flavored teas. Rare and exotic teas. Unusual teaware and storage containers. Grey's Teas - Offering loose teas, traditional blends including Earl Grey, black, green, oolong, herbal and flavored tea. Nature's Choice Pure Ceylon Tea - Select high mountain grown, single estate, premium grade, plantation fresh, unblended Ceylon tea Japanese Green Tea Online - Green teas plus information on harvesting, preparation, and the health benefits of tea. Japanese teapots and tea sets. Bamboo Tea House - Oriental styled vendor of tea and tea information. Tribute Tea Company - Fine teas, Chinese herbs, teaware, incense, books, and music. Featuring green tea, oolong, Puerh, Darjeeling, and other international specialty teas. EnjoyingTea - Offers a collection of loose teas, including oolong and rooibos, as well as a selection of tea sets and other accessories. Herbal Republic - A good selection of teas including herbals and tea accessories based in Canada. Kyela Teas - Kyela Teas imports a wide selection of all grades of Darjeeling Teas of premium whole leaf grades, grown on the high altitude slopes of the District of Darjeeling, India. ITO EN North America Inc. - Offers a selection of teas, teaware and rare finds from around the world. Hale Tea Company - A source for fine teas and a selection of colonial style gift tea collections. Silver Tips Tea Room - Imported and gourmet teas, accessories, gift baskets, samplers, and "Tea of the Month" club. Zencha - Green tea and brewing information from Japan. TenRen's Tea - Brand name teas including Ten Ren. Salada Tea - Salada brand tea products. - Sells a variety of Chinese Green, Black, Oolong, White and Herbal teas. Green Tea Lovers - Green and white tea site with health benefits and resource information.) Capital Tea - Fine teas and teaware from around the world. Shipping worldwide. Mighty Leaf Tea - Wide selection of teas from custom blends to loose leaf greens, oolongs, whites, and blacks, plus tisanes, from most tea growing regions around the world. Two Hills Tea - Organic and early spring green teas. TotaliTea - A tea boutique offering over 120 loose tea varieties along with tea ceramics and other accessories. Located in Canada. Madura Tea Estates - Provides a small selection of teas grown in Australia. Tiger Mt Tea Co - Offering loose teas, herbs, accessories, and gift items. Includes product and wholesale information. East-West Natural Herbs - Offering raw and medium roast green tea, includes product benefits. Argo Tea - Offers signature loose teas and blends from around the world, teaware, and specialty foods. [Best viewed in IE, does not work in all browsers] Mootz Run Ltd. - Offers a selection of teas, tea accessories, teapots, teapot jewelry, and teapot cozies. Tea Chai Te - a Tea Bar in Portland, Oregon with tea and teapots available online. Seven Cups - Offers loose leaf certified organic teas. Shizuoka Green Tea - Provides Japanese green tea exclusively from Shizuoka Prefecture. Indigo Tea Co. - Provides a selection of teas and tea accessories as well as kettles and teapots. Empress Tea Company - A selection of premium teas from around the world. Imperial Tea Garden - Offers a selection of loose and compressed teas. Tea 'N' Teas - An online tea boutique which offers teas from around the world. Teaosophy - Offers leaf tea in silken mesh pyramid tea pods. - Purveyors of loose bulk Chinese teas. Located in Hong Kong. Black Dragon Teas - Distributor of loose leaf green oolong teas. Teanobi - Offers a wide selection of imported Japanese teas. Carrington Teas - Sells black, green, white, rooibos and herbal teas in tea bags. The Tea Room - A variety of teas and tea time treats. Assam Tea Company - Grower, importer and master blender of organic and bio-dynamic teas, herbs and spices catering to wholesale and retail buyers. In-Nature - Oolong, green, and white looseleaf teas. Also offers florals. Thompson's Fine Teas - Oolong, black, green, white, display, and organic loose-leaf teas. Decaf, herbals, and flavoured blends. Teaware and gifts. Te Teas - Whole leaf teas and a wide selection of handcrafted Yixing teaware imported directly from China. Silk Road Teas - Importer of fine and rare full-leaf specialty and organic teas from China. WaghBakri Tea - Sales of specialty and organic teas from India. Barnes & Watson Fine Teas - Classic teas, hand-crafted in the tradition of the old world. Offices located in Seattle WA. Golden Moon Tea - Offering a selection of plain and flavored loose teas in tins. Includes a club, newsletter and wholesale information. - Retail distributor of fine teas from around the world, kettles, and accessories. Tea Time - Choose from more than 100 teas, tisanes, and herbal blends. Experience exotic and rare teas from around the world. Purchase tea-related merchandise. Tea Guys, LLC - Features loose leaf varieties, as well as accessories and gift packaging. Wholesale and custom labeling available. Strand Tea Company - Supplier of premium, specialty, organic, and herbal tea as well as tea accessories to individuals, businesses, and offices. White Lion Tea - Offer a wide selection of gourmet iced teas, traditional teas, and tea accessories. Choi Time - Offers green, rose bud, and chrysanthemum flower teas. Also tea pots and Chinese drinking glasses. The Tea Spot - Offers a selection of loose leaf blended and herbal teas. Premium Steap Tea Store - A selection of teas and tisanes plus custom gift baskets, and tea accessories. TeaCenter Alliance - Offers a variety of gourmet, single garden, and herbal teas. Ships internationally. Encompass USA - A variety of teas available in bags or loose. Also sells tea cups and mugs. California Tea House - Online retailer of loose-leaf teas and custom tea blends. auraTeas - Online retailer of teas, including oolong, green, black, white, and pu-erh. Also sells teaware, herbal teas, and Ayurvedic blends. Based in Vancouver, Canada; ships to US and Canada. Shanti Tea - Canada-based tea company specializing in fair trade, organic, and biodynamic teas, including single-region teas from unusual sources. Ships to the US and Canada. Red RoseTea - Old and well-known Canadian brand of tea. Website sells teas as well as figurines, and also list local stores selling the tea. Tea Forte - Teas in unique pyramid infusers, and loose teas. Website also sells other accessories. Thunderbolt Tea - Broad selection of single-estate, single-harvest loose Darjeeling teas, including unusual offerings such as Darjeeling oolong and white teas. Yunnan Sourcing - Direct shipping from China. Huge selection of Pu-erh tea, including aged Pu-erh. Also sells some black, white, oolong, and green teas, and some teaware. Griffith Enterprises - Ashbys Teas of London teas and gift baskets. G.H. Ford Tea Company - Selling tea since 1909. Provides custom blended, traditional and flavored teas. Red Blossom Tea Company - Direct importer of teas with a focus on Chinese teas; sells tea and teaware online and in a family-owned shop in San Francisco's Chinatown. Arbor Teas - Organic and fair trade certified loose teas, many single-region and single-estate teas, also sells herbal teas and blends. Canton Tea Co - UK Based company specializing in loose tea from China and Taiwan. Zhi Tea - Whole leaf, organic and fair trade certified teas; also sells teaware and gift baskets. Narien Teas - Online tea store offering loose leaf teas, tisanes, and teaware, including teas from Hawaii. - Sells a variety of Darjeeling tea. Tao Tea Leaf - Toronto based retailer of loose leaf teas, with a focus on Chinese teas, also selling herbals and flavored teas. Life in Teacup - Teas from China and Taiwan, oolongs and others, sourced directly from their region of production; offerings include single-harvest teas and competition winners. Ego Tea Company - Loose-leaf teas, including pure and flavored teas, herbal teas, and teaware. Acquired Taste - Purveyor of Canadian tea and tea accessories. Floating Leaves Tea - Carries a small line of select artisan teas from China and Taiwan. Hellens Tea - Supplier of Ceylon tea. Describes growing regions, tea packaging and wholesale details. Empire Tea Services - Premium teas and accessories online, and Columbus Inn Tea Room in Indiana. Cup of Tea - A number of traditional black and green teas, flavoured varieties as well as fruit and herbal infusions. Teahouse Kuan Yin - Features black, green, oolong and herbal tisanes. Lana's the Little House - A selection of loose leaf black, green, white, oolong, rooibos, and chai teas, and accessories, from the teashop in New York. Ramsbury Tea Company - Also sells gifts and accessories. Based in the UK. Camden Tea Shop - Sells artisan leaves from around the world, and accessories such as strainers, jars, pots, cups and saucers. Located in London, UK.
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