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Sites that are selling products relating to the people, culture, history and geography of Africa.
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For African Art - Tribal face masks, statues, sculptures, and adornments. Anin - Offering handmade and embroidered textiles and bedlinen using cotton and linen fabrics. Created in southern Namibia. Ananse Village - Traditional and contemporary arts and crafts from Africa by native artisans. News, product ordering and location. Niger Bend African Art - Carries art, jewelry, masks, and ethnographic items from across the continent. Authentic Africa - Specializing in tribal art from Angola to Zaire, stools, masks, statues, jewelry, and animal skins. Raken Style - Specialist for art and handcrafted decoration objects from Mediterranean, Arab and African countries. Curios 4 Africa - Zulu shields, spears, pottery, drums, figurines and other wooden, hide and grass items. African Art Stone Carvings - The pieces are carved using different types of stone, including Serpentine; non-precious opal; verdite; and Rapoko. Elena African Art - African art for sale: masks, minerals, woodcarvings, animal skins. Twiga Gallery - A variety of authentic African art pieces, antiques, sculpture, and one-of-a-kind jewelry. African Team Ministries - A selection of African themed art and jewelry. Global Crafts - African art and crafts from community organizations in Kenya and East Africa. Candlesticks, greeting cards, and wood carvings. - Masks and tribal art from all regions of Africa. Also includes drums, dolls, jewelry and oil paintings. African Creations - Offers artifacts, handicrafts, handmade products and cultural images from African tribes, in particular the Ashanti of Ghana. R&R Traders - African collectibles, jewelry, crafts and artwork. Africa Imports - African art, clothing, weapons, jewelry, and other items. Swahili Modern - Sales of kitchenware, home and garden accessories, hand drums, clothing and jewelry from Africa. Ships in USA. Art Of West Africa - Includes exotic artifacts from primitive Yoruba and other groups.
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