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A. G. Tannenbaum - Various manuals for boatanchors as well as vintage radios for sale. Grand Canyon Tube Radio - Lu Carle repairs, restores, and sells antique American-made radios, in Williams, Arizona. He also sells and services record players, 8-track players, musical instruments, and other electronic entertainment equipment. Radio Radio and Audio Audio - Books by Jonathan Hill on British radio and history of audio. Radio Era Archives - Buys, sells, and restores antique radios and communication equipment, and sells publications on CD-ROM. Online radio museum (with a special Zenith Trans-Oceanic section) and pictures of old restored but sold sets. Based in Dallas, Texas. Antique Radio Restoration & Repair - Bob Eslinger, KR1U specializes in restoring family heirloom radios and offers service for all tube type table and floor model radios, communication receivers, automobile radios and music amplifiers. Connecticut. Tom's Antique Radio Repair - Specializing in antique radio and transistor radio repair. Located in Dayton, Ohio, USA. The Radio Attic - Dedicated to the hobby of collecting antique radios, with vintage and collectible radios for sale, photos of hundreds of radio models, and articles of interest to the collector and restorer. Tickling the Crystal - Book series discussing vintage British crystal radio equipment. Includes reviews and ordering information. By Ian L. Sanders, with photography by Carl Glover. Ekkehart Willms - Provides a source for antique telephones, microphones, banks, toys, microscopes, radios and other collectables. Play Things Of Past - Vintage radios, parts, literature, and advertising for sale. Their store is located in Cleveland, Ohio. - Vintage radio restoration service, by Ron Ramirez Enterprises. Features a gallery of older Philco models, downloadable schematics, do-it-yourself servicing tips, identification and dating guide. Radio Age - Restored antique radios and memorabilia for sale, by Terry Williams. His main focus is on '30s and '40s Art Deco models. Novelty Radios - novelty transistor radios for sale. Primeau Music - Musical nostalgia equipment and accessories, restored phonographs, jukeboxes, and radios for sale from this dealer located in London, Ontario, Canada. They feature an archive of pictures of their custom-painted US and Canadian bakelite radios. David Kernan's Workshop - David repairs and electrically (but not cosmetically) restores antique vacuum tube radios, high-fidelity and amateur radio equipment. Classic-radionics - Antique radio and phonograph restoration service by Gerald Rabus of Glen Carbon, Illinois. Lists types of repairs, payment and shipping information. Old Time Replications - Larry Bordonaro specializes in making reproductions of antique radio knobs, pushbuttons, and a few other parts such as escutcheons, grilles, and handles. Totally Tubular Antique Radios - Restored plastic and wooden tabletop and console sets for sale. Wireless Workshop Antique Radio Restoration - Repair and restoration service for pre-1960 vacuum tube radio receivers, both home entertainment and communications. Located in Houston Texas and owned by Fred Wuensche. Vintage Radio - New Jersey-based restoration and speaker reconing service, for sets from '30s through to the '50s, plus transistor receivers and amplifiers from the '60s and '70s. UK Vintage Radio Emporium - Crystal Set information, Reference, Notice Board, Book Sales, Quiz and Galleries. Antique Radio and TV Shop - Repair and restoration information, guarantee, and list of services. Owned and operated by Tony and Tanya Bartunek in Allenford, Ontario, Canada. Golden Antique Radio Service - Antique radios for sale and restoration service available.
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