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This category lists sites that buy, sell, or trade phonographs.
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Holmfirth Antiques - Gramophone and phonograph parts, sales, repairs, restoration, machine catalogues, books, needles and accessories offered. Intertique - Phonographs, mechanical music, parts, books, cabinets, radios, records sold and purchased. Details of shows, informative articles, free classifieds. Phonophan - Phonographs, books, cylinder cases and parts for sale. Listen to the voice of Thomas Edison. Mechantiques - Mechanical musical instruments including music boxes, musical clocks, pianos, organs, phonographs, automata bought and sold. Antique Phonograph Supply Company (APSCO) - Makers of main springs. Phonograph and music box movements and reproducers rebuilt. Parts and instructions for mechanical and physical refurbishment, books, needles and record sleeves supplied. - Sales of phonographs, cylinders, parts, accessories, needles, records including non-English and picture type. Repairs undertaken. Gramophone Springs - Includes needles and horns for sale, as well as advice. For Your Listening Pleasure - Radios, record players, turntables and phonographs repaired. Also styli, needles, radio schematic diagrams and restoration also available. Ian Calderbank's Gramophones - Offering needles, books and accessories. Includes help and information. John Sleep - Gramophones and phonographs restored, bought, and sold. Howard Hope - Gramophones, phonographs, accessories bought and sold. Pre-1930’s items related to the history of recorded sound purchased. Wilfried Sator Collection - Gramophones, phonographs, 78’s, advertising, needle tins, parts and books collected, bought and sold (English and German). Vintage Sounds - Sales and repairs of early radios, phonographs, telephones, mechanical music and communications equipment. Great Lakes Antique Phonograph - Machines repaired, valued, sold and parts supplied. Wyatt's Musical Americana - Supplier of parts and repairer, sales of victrolas, phonographs, graphophones and accessories. "How to" guides, postcards and advertisements. Collector's World West - Phonographs, victrolas, graphophones, musical machines bought, sold and restored. Also sound/video clips, information and advice. The Soundbox - Gramophones and parts, phonographs, spares, accessories, wireless, valve audio, sewing machines, telephones, early domestic and commercial electrical items bought and sold. The Edison Shop - Pickups for electric audio reproduction from cylinder together with cartridges and styli supplied. Sound clips plus information about recording restoration and reproducers.
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