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Video Technology Page - Features numerous links to television and video technology sites. Organized by subject. How Television Works - Easy to read article that describes how television works. Williamson-labs television - Graphics and formulas dominate this site which covers major aspects of video broadcast engineering. Electrical Engineering Training - Covers a number of topics relating to RF transmission. NTSC-TV - Tutorials on television basics, including broadcast engineering. BBC Research & Development - Site features excellent papers covering current technology throughout the video chain. Video Measurement Tutorials from Tektronix - Helps to understand the nature of component video. Includes detailed descriptions of signal distortions and monitoring techniques. Television Production - TV production course covering the basics of lighting, audio, video and editing. How Projection Television Works - Fully-illustrated unbiased tutorial describes how projection TVs form a small image on a device inside the projector - either a CRT or LCD - and then shine that image onto a large screen located elsewhere. mb21 - The Transmission Gallery - Features information, links and the history of television in the UK. Unofficial FCC Document Locator - Includes lots of links and charts related to broadcast. Doug Lung's RF Technology Page - TV transmitter and RF engineering. Tech-Notes - Technology reports and other matters of interest specific to the broadcasting engineer. PAL NTSC Film Converter - Several reviews about the television standards of PAL and NTSC are represented. Especially the refresh rates are explained in detail. Run time conversions between different medium types are also discussed. Television Production Book - Explains television lighting and audio/video basics. Analog TV Broadcast Systems - Overview of color transmitting, voltage and frequency parameters of analog TV broadcast systems. Erecting a TV Antenna - Includes a comprehensive encyclopedia of TV antenna terms and topics.
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