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Energy conservation is the practice of increasing the efficiency of use of energy in order to achieve higher useful output for the same energy consumption. This may result in increase of national security, personal security, financial capital, human comfort and environmental value. Individuals and organizations that are direct consumers of energy may want to conserve energy in order to reduce energy costs and promote environmental values.
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Energiesparverband OÖ - Homepage of the energy conservation association of Upper Austria. Detailed information of energy efficiency measures and possibilities for their funding. Energy Conservation Center Japan - Provides information and resources for efficient use of energy, protection of the Global environment and sustainable development. Northeast Sustainable Energy Association - Promotes the understanding, development, and adoption of energy conservation and non-polluting, renewable energy technologies. Programs and activities focus on the northeastern United States (from Washington, DC to Maine). Vermont Department of Public Service - Site has information on energy efficiency, wind power, other renewable energy options, and the telecommunications industry. Center for Resource Solutions - Promote clean and efficient energy through six programs that focus on national and international renewable energy issues. Encourage the transfer of sustainable technologies and development of sustainable energy practices. Center for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy - CEERE provides technological and economic solutions to environmental problems resulting from energy production, industrial, manufacturing, and commercial activities, and land use practices. Energy Saving Trust - EST, based in the UK, leads in the field of delivering energy efficiency to domestic, business, local government and trade sectors. Provides publications, news and resources. Environmental Energy Technologies Division - Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory research and development leading to better energy technologies and reduction of adverse energy-related environmental impacts. U.S. DOE Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) - U.S. Department of Energy Web site for information on energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies. Federal Energy Management Program - FEMP helps federal agencies reduce building energy costs, increase energy efficiency, use renewable energy, and conserve water. Southface Energy Institute - Promoting sustainable energy and environmental technologies. Technical bulletins focused on energy conservation including the Southface Journal of Sustainable Building. Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships - NEEP is a regional non-profit, that increases and coordinates energy efficiency and market transformation efforts in the US Northeast. Energy Efficiency Conservation Authority - EECA works to implement New Zealand Government strategies for energy efficiency, conservation and renewable energy in both the private and public sectors. Northwest Lighting - Lighting Design Lab - An energy efficient lighting design resource for the northwest of the U.S. Offers training classes, demonstrations, consultations, and related services. Energy Savings - List of links from the US Department of Energy - Energy Information Administration. Energy Efficiency - US DOE Energy Information Administration (EIA) provide efficiency indicators and measurements of greenhouse gas as related to energy use and energy efficiency. Energy Conservation News and Resources - Mostly, collection of links to different resources. ORNL Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy - Research and development on technologies to reduce energy consumption in homes, industry, transportation, and utilities. Advanced materials, improved insulation, telecommuting, and improved heat pumps. From Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance - Non-profit consortium in the U.S. Pacific Northwest working to transform markets for energy-efficient products and services. Online reports on products and technologies for industry, agriculture, homes, and other applications. American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy - Sponsors an international conference on energy efficiency in buildings. Publishes reports on technical and policy issues relating to energy efficiency. South Carolina Energy Office - Develops, implements energy efficiency and conservation projects throughout the state; provides SC-specific energy data, information. Wisconsin Energy Conservation Corporation - WECC works with utilities, municipalities, regulators and consumer groups across the U.S. and Canada in the design and implementation of energy savings programs. Export Council for Energy Efficiency - Energy efficient export opportunities, links to the energy efficiency community, market assessments and financing resource guides. UK Energy Systems Trade Association - Giving a useful overview of the industry, and specific business addresses, ESTA is the primary trade association for UK "energy conservation" service providers (also known as demand-side management or energy management). International Network for Sustainable Energy - INFORSE provide news and information on the implementation of sustainable energy solutions. Worldwide NGO network formed at the Global Forum in Rio in 1992 with 200 member organizations worldwide. EE 21 Energy Efficiency - Information on program assisting UN ECE to promote and implement greenhouse gas mitigation strategies and develop energy efficiency projects in demonstration zones in Belarus, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Russia. Clean Energy States Alliance - Eleven states across the U.S. have established funds to promote renewable energy and clean energy technologies. CESA provides information and technical services on these funds to build and expand clean energy markets in the U.S. Provides publications, meetings, program and membership information. International Institute for Energy Conservation (IIEC) - Non-profit environmental organization working globally to accelerate the adoption of energy-efficient policies, technologies, and practices in developing countries to enable economically and environmentally sustainable development. Massachusetts Division of Energy Resources - Provides information on programs, resources and consumer tips. Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE) - A consortium of gas and electric efficiency program administrators who accelerate the development and availability of energy efficient products and services for public benefit. Page includes database of surveys, fact sheets, staff and events calendar. Energy Efficiency Alliance - Coalition of governments and non governmental organizations to promote energy Efficiency in China. North Carolina State Energy Office - Includes announcements, news releases and resources. Chelan County - Energy Conservation - Resources include links to a range of topics about saving energy in a household. Energy Conservation - National Wildlife Federation - Concerned about global warming, the site provides advises on how to reduce energy consumption. What You Need to Know About Energy - Provides information on energy efficiency, cost and sources. Energy and Energy Conservation - Recent releases of books on energy topic issues. Includes order page and special offers. Home Energy Conservation - Information and techniques for reducing household energy consumption through insulation, weatherizing, landscaping and efficient lighting. New Mexico Energy Conservation and Management Division (ECMD) - Discusses efficiency of buildings and transportation and buildings. Resources include Laws, Regulations, Executive Orders. International Energy Agency (IEA ) - Information on the R&D activities with the focus on the integration of energy-efficient and sustainable technologies into healthy buildings and communities. Landscaping for Energy Conservation - Landscaping as a way of reducing the amount of energy used in the home. Association of Energy Conservation Professionals - Non-profit energy education and advocacy organization aiming to provide, promote, and advocate energy conservation. Utah Energy Conservation Coalition - Discusses energy auditors training, codes, energy audits and incentives. Midwest Renewable Energy Association - The Midwests non-profit organization for promoting a sustainable future through renewable energy and energy efficiency California Institute for Energy Efficiency - An innovative University of California partnership of energy agencies, utilities, building industry, non-profits, and research entities designed to advance energy efficiency science and technology for the benefit of California and other energy consumers environment. TNO - Independent research organization, advising clients on how they can improve their competitiveness, the economy and society as a whole. Provides description of services, research projects, news and publications. In Dutch and English. Natural Resources Canada: Building Group - Group of the Canadian Energy Technology Centre (CETC) that develops and deploys energy efficient building technology. Includes project overview and publications. [English, French]
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