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Sociology encompasses and overlaps many fields involves in the study of social relationships and institutions, including organizational behavior, societal development and structure, and cross-cultural interaction. The term "sociology" as the scientific analysis of collective human behavior was coined in 1838 by Auguste Comte, but Max Weber and Durkheim are generally credited as the founders of the modern field.
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Boekman Foundation - The Boekman Foundation is a centre where information about arts and cultural policy is collected and disseminated. It covers the areas of policy-forming and all aspects of implementation. Bilingual en/nl. SocioSite - SocioSite is a multi-purpose guide for sociologists. Includes useful links to sites around the world. Based in the Netherlands. GERN - European Research Group into Norms - 40 research institutions from 11 European countries focusing on crime, criminology, sociology and prevention. Human Sciences Research Council - Specializes in humanities and social sciences research. Includes research material in various formats. Social Capital - Contains useful resources for researchers interested in social capital and in its relationship with economic development. The website is edited by Fabio Sabatini, of the University of Rome La Sapienza. Free Resources for Program Evaluation and Social Research Methods - Provides links to manuals, on line guides, 'how to' books, survey methods, interviewing, observation, statistics and free statistical software. The Question Bank - The Centre for Applied Social Surveys [CASS] Question Bank (Qb) is a store of complete UK social survey questions, questionnaires and response forms. - Media studies and gender studies with content on queer theory, gender, Foucault, Judith Butler, media influences, cyber culture, role models, and critical theory. Produced by Dr David Gauntlett, University of Leeds, UK. Wadsworth's Virtual Society - Site dedicated to the academic world of sociology and social science in general. Site accompanies the book The Practice of Social Research. Sociology Central - Sociology web site offering free resources for Sociology teachers and students. Understanding the World Today - Reports about global social, political, economic and demographic changes. Links to theory, research, data and free software. - Sociology resources in English, German, Spanish and Portuguese. A Sociological Tour Through Cyberspace - Essays, data analyses, and links on sociologies of knowledge, death, aging, family, time, and inequality. LLEK Bookmarks Scientific Search Engines - Sociology - A comprehensive catalog of scientific resources and media worldwide but especially in German and English: Directories of Sociology Journals; Sociology-related catalogs of scientific search engines; additional starting points and sites of special interest. Guide to Questionnaires and Surveys - Contains explanations on how to create surveys and questionnaires. Articles cover attitude and ethics, the behaviour of groups and populations, data collection, lists and sampling. Created by a Granby Cegep Professor located in Granby, Quebec, Canada. Commission for Applied and Clinical Sociology - Established by the Society for Applied Sociology and the Sociological Practice Association to develop, promote and support quality sociological education and practice in applied and clinical areas. Michigan State University. Progressive Sociology Network - PSN is a moderated list devoted to the examination of issues of theoretical and political importance to sociologists. Introduction to Social Theory - Course syllabus and lectures by Paul Gingrich of the University of Regina Department of Sociology and Social Studies. Covers work of Marx, Durkheim, Weber, Mead, and 20th century theorists. Sociology Index - Topical index and dictionary with leads to abstracts, bibliography, syllabus and journals, including sociology departments around the world. The SocioWeb - An independent guide to sociological resources on the Internet. Po Bronson's Blog - Author Po Bronson, author of "Why Do I Love These People?" weblogs about family issues and statistics about families. Developmental Idealism Studies - Features projects, publications, listing of academics, links and contact information. Social Statistics - Database of questions and the statistical information derived from replies, created by means of answers given by voluntary Internet users. Stanford Center for the Study of Poverty and Inequality - SCSPI aims to foster basic and applied research on social, economic, and cultural inequalities. Provides details of programs, publications, news, events, key issues and trend data. University of Kentucky: Guide to Library Resources - Offers links and academic resources. Cultural Studies Study Group (CSSG) - Popular culture, youth culture British literature, and media studies. Cape Sociology - Contains forums, syllabus material, sample essays, newsletter and links. Alcohol Sociology - Features history, research links, and contact information. University of Kentucky: MGT 780, Social Network Analysis - Features PhD course syllabus, resources, news, blog and contact information. - Offers origins, description of the problematic, outreach, media links and resources. Anovasofie - Features comparative resource tools, public intellectuals links and details on developers. Astrosociology Research Institute (ARI) - Presents 'astrosociology' as a developing sociological area of study. Offers history, resources, links and membership details. Craig Robertson - Music and Conflict Transformation - Features blog entries, archives and list of links. Located at the University of Exeter, UK. - Features comprehensive listing of substantive areas of study, key concepts and theories. Sociology of Ignorance Website - Features news, calls for proposals, conferences, resources, and links. Yale Library Resources: Sociology - Offers categorized academic resources.
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