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Robin Cooper - Göteborg University - Computational linguist interested in situation semantics and Montague grammars. Barbara Abbott - Michigan State University - Interested in semantics and pragmatics of language. Holds a joint appointment in linguistics and philosophy. James Copeland - Rice University-Professor of linguistics. Petra Hendriks - Home page of Petra Hendriks, professor at the Center for Language and Cognition at the University of Groningen. Martin Stokhof - University of Amsterdam - Collection of his papers, including his survey article `Questions' (written in collaboration with Jeroen Groenendijk), which appeared in the `Handbook of Logic and Language' (1997). Ghil`ad Zuckerman - Academic website of Dr Ghil`ad Zuckermann, D.Phil. (Oxford), a linguist at the University of Cambridge, whose interests include linguistics, Israel, Hebrew, Yiddish, Chinese, Japanese, Turkish and word games. Joaquim Llisterri - Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Research and teaching in general and applied phonetics, general and applied linguistics, speech technologies and spoken language resources. William Labov - University of Pennsylvania - Change in language and dialect, sociolinguistics. Principal investigator of the Phonological Atlas of North America, a massive survey of phonetic variation across the USA. Greg Kochanski - Research results and papers in computational phonetics. Heidi Harley - University of Arizona - Interest are syntax, lexical semantics and morphology. Sharon Peperkamp - University of Paris 8. Research interests include phonological theory and early language acquisition. Joseph Greenberg - Wikipedia biography emphasizing his work on classifying the languages of Africa and the Americas. James Pustejovsky - Brandeis University - Interests are computational linguistics, lexical semantics and language guided web analysis. Proposer of The Generative Lexicon, a very influential approach to lexical semantics. Jerry A. Fodor - Entry at the Dictionary of the Philosophy of Mind. Irene Heim - Semanticist and head of the linguistics department at MIT. Includes research interests, contact information, and a list of recent publications. Mark Baker - Syntactician at Rutgers University. His research focuses on syntactic theory, morphology and the grammar of Amerindian languages. Alexander Grosu - Professor emeritus in the department of linguistics at Tel Aviv University, who initially specialized in theoretical syntax, and has more recently developed a primary interest in issues at the syntax-semantic interface. Peter W. Jusczyk - Infant language perception, first language acquisition, phonology and prosody. Richard Kayne - Syntactician at New York University. Includes research interests, CV, contact information and recent papers. Michael Kenstowicz - Phonologist and language acquisitionist at MIT. One of the early proponents of constraint-based phonology. Shigeru Miyagawa - Syntactician at MIT. Prominent in Japanese and Altaic linguistics, as well as syntactic subject positions. Donca Steriade - Phonologist at MIT. Specialized in Greek and Latin, as well as prosody. Samuel Jay Keyser - Phonologist at MIT. Works on prosody. Kenneth L. Hale - Provides information on the work of the late linguist Ken Hale, syntactician and field linguist. Studies a great variety of previously unstudied languages. Fred Landman - Professor of Semantics in the Linguistics Department at Tel Aviv University. He has published on many topics in semantic theory. Currently, he teaches semantics and computational linguistics. Elisabeth Selkirk - Phonologist at University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Prominent with work on prosody. Angelika Kratzer - Semanticist at University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Joe Pater - Phonologist and language acquisitionist at University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Arto Anttila - Phonology and language variation, Stanford University. Paul Kiparsky - Phonologist at Stanford University. Proposed many of the recent leading phonological theories. Beth Levin - Lexical semantics and syntax, Stanford University. Joseph Clancy Clements - Sociolinguistics, morphology and Spanish and Portuguese linguistics, Indiana University. Bruce Hayes - Phonologist at UCLA. Author of several books and articles, most famously: "Hayes 1995. Metrical Stress Theory: Principles and Case Studies." Alan Prince - Phonologist at Rutgers University. Includes research interests, CV, and downloadable papers. Jan van Eijck - CWI, Amsterdam - Computational linguist, whose site includes details of Dynamo, an implementation of dynamic logic programming. Rick Nouwen - University of Utrecht - Interested in dynamic semantics, generalized quantifiers theory, plurals, reflexives, reciprocals, NP-typology, and mereology. Barbara H. Partee - University of Massachusetts at Amherst - A distinguished early worker on Montague Grammar, the main line of her work lies in foundational aspects of semantics and its relationship to syntax. John Ohala - Experimental phonology and phonetics, University of California, Berkeley. Charles Fillmore - Syntax and semantics, University of California, Berkeley. Larry Hyman - Phonology and African languages, University of California, Berkeley. Sharon Inkelas - Phonologist at University of California at Berkeley. Öner Özçelik - Phonology, second language acquisition and Turkish/Turkic linguistics, Indiana University. Irene Vogel - Professor of phonology at University of Delaware. Research interests include phonology, phonetics, prosody. Manfred Krifka - Professor in general linguistics at the Institute for German Speech and Linguistics, Humboldt University in Berlin. Interested in semantics and interrogatives. Kathleen Bardovi-Harlig - Second language acquisition, Indiana University. Rex A. Sprouse - Second language acquisition and Germanic linguistics, Indiana University. Laurent Dekydtspotter - Second language acquisition and French linguistics, Indiana University. Prominent with work on acquisition of semantics.
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