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A Finno-Ugric language spoken mainly in Finland but also by minorities in Sweden, Norway, Russia and North America.
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The Research Institute for the Languages of Finland - Studies and provides advice on the usage of Finnish, Swedish, the Finno-Ugric languages, Finnish Sign Language, and Romany, the language of the Gypsies in Finland. [Finnish, English, Swedish and others] Lingsoft, Inc. - Finnish language technology company, offers proofreading and other software for Finnish and other Nordic languages. Frequently Asked Questions about Finno-Ugrian Languages - by Johanna Laakso. Is Finnish the most ancient language in the world? Where do Finnish words come from? A Finno-Ugric linguist answers these and other common questions. Verbix - Verb Conjugator - On-line verb conjugation service for Finnish and 50+ other languages. Includes list of 10,000 most frequent Finnish words. The Finnish Language - Short introduction to the Finnish language, with a well-organized page devoted to the use of cases in Finnish. Links to Finnish resources on the Internet. [By Jukka Korpela] Employment of Foreigners Hampered by Language Barriers and Attitudes - by Vellamo Vehkakoski. Helsingin Sanomat article describing language acquisition as an obstacle for foreigners seeking jobs in Finland. Phonetics of Finnish - Information on Finnish words and their phonetic structure, from the Department of Phonetics, University of Helsinki. Bilingual page (English and Finnish). Learn Finnish - A weblog which posts new Finnish words that the author learns. Flash Finnish - A free mobile phone game designed to help you learn Finnish. It features basic vocabulary, colors and numbers. Society for the Study of Finnish - A linguistic quarterly published by Kotikielen Seura (The Mother Tongue Society). Summaries in English. Yahoo Groups : Finnish - Discussion list for people studying Finnish language and culture in Finland or elsewhere.
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