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The Niger-Kordofanian family of languages is one of several language families spoken in Africa. It has two branches, Niger-Congo and Kordofanian. The Kordofanian languages are spoken primarily in Sudan. Niger-Congo languages are spoken throughout southern and central Africa. Information taken from "African languages,"
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Bantu Languages on the Net - General information and classification of Bantu languages, a search engine specific for Bantu, linguistic tools and links. Journal of West African Languages - The Journal of West African Languages publishes articles, twice a year, on all aspects of languages and linguistics relevant to Sub-Saharan West Africa. All articles prior to 2002 are available for free download. Comparative Bantu Online Dictionary - A lexicographic database, at the University of California, Berkeley, including a list of reconstructed Proto-Bantu roots and their reflection in many daughter languages. Besides, the database incorporates dictionaries of selected Bantu languages. Nordic Journal of African Studies - A journal published by the Nordic Association of African Studies, fully available online, focusing on African languages, literatures and cultures. South African Voices - Collection of oral stories and poems, in Xhosa and Zulu, recorded by Professor Harold Scheub in South Africa in the late 1960s and 1970s. Presented in three volumes, available online, by the University of Wisconsin, with audio files and transcripts. Homepage of Houni Filip Maho - An assorted collection of articles, bibliographies and links on Sub-Saharan languages and especially on Bantu. The Allex Project - A joint project between the Universities of Oslo and Zimbabwe designed to describe and promote the African languages of Zimbabwe. It provides books and thesis about Shona and Ndebele, the two most widely spoken languages of the country, besides a Shona searchable dictionary. The Language Gulper: Niger-Congo Languages - The Language Gulper describes almost 200 ancient and modern tongues. Its Niger-Congo article provides an overview of this phylum with classification, shared features, map, and internal links to 9 families and 6 major languages. African Language Technology (AFLAT) - Application of informatics tools to the analysis and documentation of African languages, including many original articles and several part-of-speech taggers. - Information on South African languages as well as on Swahili and Cilubà (spoken in the Democratic Republic of the Congo), containing overviews, dictionaries and links. Mandenkan. Bulletin of Mande Linguistic Studies - Published from 1982, all of its 50 numbers are available online. The articles, in English or French, deal with the Mande languages, one of the branches (or families) of Niger-Congo. The 200 Word Project - A project of Boston University to teach a basic vocabulary, pronounced by native speakers, of six major African languages: Xhosa, Zulu, Swahili, Wolof, Hausa and Amharic (the first four belong to Niger-Congo). Classification of the Bantu languages - A book about the classification of this very large and complex group of languages published by Malcom Guthrie in 1948 which became standard (with later modifications). Studies in African Linguistics - A freely accessible electronic journal publishing all kind of articles on African language data and analysis from 1970 to the present. Gambia Studies Series by Professor David Gamble - More than 50 downloadable articles and books about the three major languages of Gambia (Mandinka, Wolof, Fula/Pulaar) including grammars, dictionaries, bilingual narratives and bibliographies.
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