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Romansh is a Gallo-Rhaetian member of the Italic subgroup of the Indo-European language family spoken by 40,000 people along the borders of Switzerland, Austria and Italy. Romansh is also known as Romansch, Rheto-Romance, Rhaeto-Romance and Romanche. Rumantsch Grischun is the common written language of the Romansh people: It is based to a large extent on the three written idioms used in the Romansh-speaking Grisons, Sursilvan (Surselva), Vallader (Lower Engadine) and Surmiran (Surmeir/Albula Valley). In many cases, however, it also considers the two minor idioms Sutsilvan (Val Schons) and Put?r (Upper Engadine), as well as the various regional and local variants. [Adapted from: Lia Rumantsch]
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