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Websites about Classical Sanskrit, which was once considered to be the parent language of Indo-European languages (together with Avestan). It's history starts from 15 century B.C.. Devanagari script is the most wide used nowadays (Bengali was used and still is used in Calcutta for the same purpose).
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Sanskrit & Sánscrito - Learning tools, devanagari writing, rules of sandhi. Patanjali's word-by-word translation. Devanagari Font Complete Guide - Old list of 28 free and commercial devanagari fonts. Sanskrit Declension Engine - A Sanskrit grammar tool with conjugation and declension patterns without Panini rules. Spoken Sanskrit Dictionary - In devanagari and transliteration, editable. Contains 50 000 entries of colloquial Sanskrit (based upon Monier-Williams' Dictionary). Sanskrit Academy - Sanskrit hymns, good sayings (subhashitas), quotes, Vedic riddles, stories from the Epic, and Sanskrit classes. Jambudvipa - Indology Studies - Selected links about hinduism. A collection of Sanskrit maxims. Sanskrit Web - Windows fonts and Sanskrit texts for download by Ulrich Stiehl (Heidelberg). Sanskrit Documents - Free Sanskrit texts, software for learning Sanskrit and producing documents in devanagari. Sanskrit Studies Links and Information - Sanskrit grammar and literature studies in a hyperlink collection from 2003. The Sanskrit Library - Whitney’s "Roots", Ramopakhyana text and supplementary grammar materials online. Rigveda Ed. - Keith Brigg's Rigveda samhita edition, 10 mandalas in nagari script without transliteration. Sanskrit Deepika - Vyakarana in Marathi with audio recordings of sacred chants. Devanagari Samples - Samples of Rigveda, several audio files included. Ganakastadhyayi - Panini's "Ashtadhyayi" grammar software for Win (including the dhatupatha and Renou's French translation). An Analytical Cross Referenced Grammar - Western approach to phonology, morphology and syntax of classical Sanskrit with many examples. Itranslator - Windows convertation tool converts Itrans encoded text into devanagari or vice versa. Omniglot - Sanskrit - A Sanskrit letter chart (for vowels, consonants, conjunct consonants, totally 46) in transliteration and nagari script. Pandanus Sanskrit Texts - Searchable database of 27 Sanskrit electronic texts (kavya and subhashita). Ancient Sanskrit Online - Lessons series covers ancient Sanskrit texts, ca. 18th - 9th centuries B.C. Devanagari Callygraphy - Flash animation lessons on how to write separate aksharas of the Devanagari script. Ukindia Sanskrit Lessons - Devanagari script and simple phrases in images. Sanskrit Language Resources - Hypertext Panini grammar with English and German translations. Sanskrit metre recognizer. Sanskrit Fonts - The University of Chicago 9 recommended Sanskrit fonts, input software and keyboard layouts. Sanskrit Diacritical Fonts - Garamond typeface fonts for Windows with diacritical marks used in Sanskrit transliteration, Mac and Palm. Lessons of Language - Sanscrit - Online lessons from an Indian grammar. Devanagari Unicode Fonts - Samples and .tiff files of 19 devanagari Unicode fonts. Tagged Sanskrit Texts - Digital Sanskrit books on alchemy and botanics. OCR software for Sanskrit texts in devanagari. Sanscrit Google Group - Discussions about Sanskrit from the point of view of vyakarana and Indo-European linguistical tradition. NASA on Sanskrit & Artificial Intelligence by Rick Briggs - Artificial Intelligence Is the Computer our God in this Age of Information? Language in India - Paninian approach to Sanskrit.
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