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The following Hokan Languages tree is taken from the Ethnologue.
Hokan Languages Esselen-Yuman Stock

Yuman Family

Cochimí Branch

Cochimí (Mexico)

Delta-Californian Branch

Cocopa (Mexico)
Kumiái (Mexico)

Kiliwa Branch

Kiliwi (Mexico)

Pai Branch

Paipai (Mexico)

River Yuman Branch

Maricopa (USA)
Mojave (USA)
Quechan (USA)

Upland Yuman Branch

Havasupai-Walapai-Yavapai (USA) Northern Stock

Karok-Shasta Family

Shasta-Palaihninan Branch

Palaihninan Group

Achumawi (USA)
Atsugewi (USA)

Shastan Group

Shasta (USA)
Karok (USA) Pomo Family

Russian River and Eastern Branch

Eastern Group

Eastern Pomo (USA)

Russian River Group

Northeastern Pomo (USA)
Northern Pomo (USA)
Southern Pomo (USA)
Central Pomo (USA)
Southeastern Pomo (USA)
Kashaya (USA) Yana Family

Yana (USA) Salinan-Seri Stock

Chumash (USA)
Salinan (USA)
Seri (Mexico) Tequistlatecan Stock

Highland Chontal Of Oaxaca (Mexico)
Lowland Chontal Of Oaxaca (Mexico) Washo Stock

Washo (USA)

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