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Chronology: History of English - "Chronology of Events in the History of English" summarizing the emergence and evolution of the language spanning 5 millennia. Take Our Word for It - Weekly etymology magazine. Wilton's Word & Phrase Origins - Etymological site offers a brief history of the English language, discussion boards and a search feature. What Has a Hippo in Common With a Feather? - Historical linguistics and etymology. Genetic Distance and Language Affinities - Between Autochthonous Human Populations. Kjell Gustafson's homepage - Historical Linguistics - An overview of the field of historical linguistics and its sub-disciplines. Schousboe: Teaching Historical Linguistics - For educators- a course curriculum designed for a one-semester course. Ancient Scripts - Historical Linguistics - Introduction to historical linguistics with language family charts and extensive links list. Tracking Linguistic Drift: The Comparative Method - Lecture notes. The Proto-Sumerian Language Invention Process - Eleven-page paper describing how the early Sumerians invented their language, with a complete lexicon of the first words in their language. Cameron Laird's Personal Index to Anthropologic Resources on the Net - Two software applications to aid glottochronological and lexostatistical analysis. Linguae Thraco-Daco-Moesianae - Philological Thracology. A Traco-Dacian Thesaurus, a few articles and links. Introduction to Historical Linguistics - A brief summary of the subject of comparative linguistics. A possible homeland of the Indo-European languages - Since most scholars assume an Indo-European homeland in the steppes north of the Black Sea, a full video study of this option is presented, based on the splits suggested by the Separation Base Method The Olin Revelation - Revelations concerning the English language and the Bible.
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