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Money Team - Alternative Money Systems - This NCN Alternative Money System team was created to collect information on what schemes already exist, to discuss the prospects of doing away with money systems and using a resource-based system instead, and ways of financing new civilization projects, implementing experimental and schemes. Health Supreme's Economy Section - An exploration of monetary systems and economy alternatives. Concerns lack of credit availability in 3rd world environments. Proposes solutions. - De-mystifies money by presenting ideas on monetary and non-monetary exchange. Established by Thomas H. Greco, Jr., monetary researcher and author of Money: Understanding and Creating Alternatives to Legal Tender. Pecunix - Digital currency operator. Pecunix is backed by gold, and offers an advanced and secure API for merchants and users. E-Currency Links - Online directory for e-currency industry. E-Dinar - An Internet based electronic payment and exchange system which is backed by physical gold and silver. History of the currency and advantages of the service. GoldMoney - A digital precious metal currency backed by physical gold and silver that is stored offshore. Information on how to open an account and transfer funds. Barter - Links to sources of information on barter and a brief account of its history and contemporary relevance. Local and Interest-Free Currencies, Social Credit and Informal Credit Systems - Links to information sources on LETS, local community currencies, interest free money, social credit, and alternative monetary systems. Prosperity: Freedom from Debt Slavery - Monthly journal on monetary reform and debt-free money promoting the Bromsgrove Group Statement on money reform.
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