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Weblogs ('blogs') about science and society issues, particularly the intersection of science and public policy.
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Aetiology - Discussing causes, origins, evolution and implications of disease and other phenomena. All-Too-Common Dissent - Political and scientific commentary on the creation/evolution/intelligent design debate. Bad Science - Ben Goldacre's column from The Guardian in weblog format. Covers media misrepresentations of science, with a particular focus on medicine. Includes a forum. The Bioethics Weblog - Commentary on ethics and the biological sciences, written by the editors of the American Journal of Bioethics. Dispatches from the Culture Wars - Thoughts from the interface of science, religion, law and culture. Evolution 101 - Transcripts of weekly podcasts aiming to promote greater scientific and evolutionary understanding. Evolutionblog - Commentary on developments in the endless dispute between evolution and creationism. Framing Science - Blogging the intersections between science, media and politics. Freethought Weekly - Discussions based on a rationalist approach to life. Mike the Mad Biologist - Mad rantings about politics, evolution and microbiology. The Panda's Thumb - Discussions and critiques of evolutionary theory, science and education. Pharyngula - Evolution, development, and random biological ejaculations from a godless liberal. The Questionable Authority - A little weblog about science, learning and life. Red State Rabble - A skeptic's dispatches from the flyover zone. Respectful Insolence - The ramblings of a surgeon/scientist about medicine, quackery, science, pseudoscience, history, and pseudohistory (and anything else that interests him). The Scientific Activist - Reporting from the crossroads of science and politics. Junk Charts - Weblog dissecting media use of graphic charts as means of conveying (or obscuring) information. Eccentric Orbit - A jaundiced, humorous view of new inventions changing our lives. Gender and Computing - Hilde Corneliussen writes about Gender and Computing, works at University of Bergen. Sandwalk - Blog by Larry Moran, Professor of Biochemistry at the University of Toronto, Canada, subtitled, "Strolling with a skeptical biochemist". The Bird's Brain - Blog by Kirsten Sanford, physiologist and science journalist. Creating Passionate Users - Weblog focused on user experiences and motivations. Brain Music - The latest news and views about the converging worlds of science, medicine, technology and social media. The Rational Ape - A discussion of science, politics, atheism and rationalism in society. The Sensuous Curmudgeon - Conserving the enlightenment values of reason, liberty, the scientific method and free enterprise. Emphasis on the evolution-creationism controversy. Stars Genes and Quarks - Personal musings on science, scientists and public understanding, this online journal explores themes connecting the past, present and future of science, particularly as viewed by non-scientists. Sciguy's Interesting Science News - Blog striving to understand the realities and philosophies of current scientific events. Down to a Science - Ongoing Science Café and blog, a casual forum where leading scientists discuss their research with the public. Skeptical About Skeptics - Articles and news about those who hold views which are still outside of mainstream science, and their fight against dogmatism. Provides profiles of the opposers, book reviews, articles about dogma and an explanation of terms used. Includes an extra section about harassment by dogmatics at Wikipedia.
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