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In this category you can find everything on the possibilities of time travel (illusion or reality?) in the framework of Einstein's theory of relativity.
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NOVA Online: Time Travel - Companion site to the NOVA program "Time Travel" (1999); includes a description of the connection with Einstein's theories of relativity, an interview with Carl Sagan, a teacher's guide, and a transcript of the show. Chronos Shrugged: The World of Time Travel - A brief tour of the world of time travel - from the myths and psychology to the science (including relativity). Also includes a bibliography and links. Taking the Cosmic Shortcut - Article on the site of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation about the physics of time travel, from special relativity and time travel into the future to general relativity, Ron Mallet's time machine, and wormholes. By Elizabeth Warnes. Getting in a Twist over Time - Article on Space Daily about Ron Mallet's attempts to design a time machine using a loop of laser light. By Michael Brooks; also includes a brief history of time travel in relativity, including remarks on wormholes and the chronology protection conjecture. Space-Time Physics and the Future of Time Travel - Elementary exposition of Euclidean geometry, Newton vs. Einstein, and the possibility to travel into the future, and see into the past, in relativity. By Alex MacLellan. Quantum Time Travel - Brief description of the work by Yakir Aharonov's group on a "quantum time machine", including parallels with published science-fiction stories. From John G. Cramer's column "The Alternate View", published in Analog Science Fiction and Fact Magazine. Time Loops - An interview on Edge with the author and physicist Paul Davies about time travel and the ensuing paradoxes, physical time-travel scenarios from Gödel's universe to wormholes, and the interplay between physics and science-fiction. Includes both a transcript and a video version. Time Travel - Fact or Fiction? - Brief overview of physics issues related to time travel, including the question of conversation laws, general relativity, possible paradoxes, and the notion of tachyons. From the Physics FAQ; original by Jon J. Thaler. Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Time Travel - A collection of brief articles by the renowned non-fiction author John Gribbin. Includes "How to build a time machine", articles about wormholes and time travel, and a discourse on the question whether the laws of physics forbid travel into the past. The Relativistic Asynchronous Machine - Design of a hypothetic machine for travel into the future by Tilmann Schneider. Time Travel and Modern Physics - Article from the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy about the basis of time travel scenarios in modern physics, including a discussion of mechanisms such as wormholes, and the question of paradoxes. How to Build a Time Machine - Article in Scientific American, written by Paul Davies. Covers time travel into the future in special and general relativity and a variety of hypothetical mechanisms for time travel into the past, such as cosmic strings and wormholes, including caveats such as the chronology protection conjecture. Images not available in the free version.
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