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G. Japaridze's Papers - Full list of publications by this author, with about 30 items in the area of proof theory. Many of the papers are downloadable. Mathematical Reasoning Group - Research group based in Edinburgh, it is running on the interaction between logic, mathematics and informatics. Links to publications, homepages, reports. Epsilon Calculus - Discussion of David Hilbert's development of this type of logical formalism with emphasis on proof-theoretic methods. Deep Inference - The calculus of structures is a new proof theoretical formalism. It exploits a top-down symmetry of derivations made possible by deep inference. Proof Theory - Open Encyclopedia entry. Hierarchically organized by subtopics. Proof Theory as an Alternative to Model Theory - Short article by Dale Miller, arguing that logic programming languages should base their semantics on proof theory, not model theory. Proof Theory Mailing List - Newsgroup created to subscribe and send in announcements of events relating to proof theory. List of participants with their web sites, archive of messages. Development of Proof Theory (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy) - An historic description of changes in proof theory over the years. Topics cover prehistoric, Hilbert's methods, analysis, natural deduction, and sequent calculus. Proof Theory on the Eve of Year 2000 - A survey consisting of 10 questions asked by Solomon Feferman and 29 responses.
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