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This category is for books about environmental science.
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Island Press - A non-profit publisher of books and CD-ROMs on the environment and environmental problems. Earthscan Publications Limited - English-language publisher of books on environmental and sustainable development topics and issues. Green Books - Publisher and distributor of books about ecological, spiritual and cultural issues. The Earth Around Us: Maintaining A Livable Planet - Describes an anthology of essays edited by Jill S. Schneiderman of Vassar College. Essayists are mostly geologists, and include Stephen Jay Gould, John McPhee, Orrin H. Pilkey and others. Your Planet Needs You - 90 page illustrated handbook for creating a sustainable world that our children and future generations will want to live in, and how all our actions and thoughts add up to create the future. Knowledge Publications - Books, DVDs and videos on a number of alternative energy topics including solar energy, hydrogen for cars, biomass, fuel cells, powering and heating your home with solar energy. Waste is a Terrible Thing to Mind - Book by John Weingart describing the attempt to find a location for the low-level radioactive waste generated within New Jersey by seeking a community that would volunteer to host the needed disposal facility. Carbon Dioxide Control - An environmental book with a detailed technical approach for recycling carbon emissions at fossil fuel power plants and reducing automotive emissions using plug in hybrid vehicles with more power generators. Making Algae Biodiesel at Home - Book providing information on algae biodiesel, where and how to grow it, harvesting and extraction. Walnut Books - Independent online bookshop based in Ireland specialising in titles on ecology, permaculture, organic gardening, sustainable building and design, renewable energy, and green education. Kings Global Warming Collection - Provides details of books about greenhouse gases, the ozone layer, carbon trading and carbon sequestration, fossil fuels, renewables, nuclear energy, energy storage and distribution and the hydrogen economy.
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