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European Physical Society - Online version, prizes, and publication links. Water Structure and Behavior - A scientific site concerned with the structure, behavior and properties of water and hydration. Table of the Nuclides - Map of all known nuclides. Horizontal rows representing one element; with colored dots indicating the known isotopes of that element. A vertical column represents the nuclides with same neutron numbers. Gas Research Institute - University of California at Berkeley, Stanford University, The University of Texas at Austin, and SRI International provides reaction mechanism and thermochemical data of selected small molecules (e.g. 1-3 heavy atoms) and radicals, e.g. CN(g). Also input files for the Sandia National Laboratory Chemkin-II programs. Mathtrek Systems - EQS4WIN - PC-Windows software to assist in the calculation of equilibrium concentrations for five compounds and two elements (demonstration version.) Both Contains the JANAF thermochemical database. Also links to related tutorials. Physical Chemistry 1, Lund University - Description of research at the division of Physical Chemistry 1. Areas of research include surface and colloid science. Lanthanide Luminescence - Research on lanthanide luminescence, chemiluminescence and coordination chemistry. Particle & Particle Systems Characterization Book - Measurement and Description of Particle Properties and Behavior in Powders and Other Disperse Systems. Ab initio Investigation of Water Clusters - A site related to the ab initio investigations of water clusters (H2O)n, n=2-20, to study Structure and Stability. The research publication abstract and structures of lowest energy conformers are also available. Center for Nonlinear Science at Portland State University - Portland, Oregon. Research interests include chemical dynamics, chemical instabilities, chemical chaos, biological and biophysical chemistry, and some environmental chemistry. Rate Increase in Chemical Reaction and its Variance under Turbulent Equilibrium - By Shunichi Tsuge. An abstract of the paper. Full paper available for download. Washington University, Department of Chemistry: Fullerene Science Module - Instructor's manual using fullerenes to illustrate molecular structure and bonding, solid-state structure, modern spectroscopy, chemical reactivity and synthesis. Measurement of Surface Tension. - Description of tensiometers and evaluation methods. University of Fribourg: Chemistry and Matter - Introduction to this topic including the gaseous, liquid and solid state and phase diagrams. Particle & Particle Systems Characterization - Journal publishing peer-reviewed papers on the measurement and description of particle properties and behavior in powders and other disperse systems.
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