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Mammals are warm-blooded vertebrates which suckle their young and which have a covering of hair.
Mammalogy is the scientific study of mammals.
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Comparative Mammalian Brain Collections - Provides information and images of complete and sectioned brains of different species. Mammals - The Australian Museum encourages research into the biology of Australian and Pacific mammals, has extensive collections and resources and will answer scientific enquiries. Lab of Sara J. Iverson - Research on the physiology and ecology of mammals. Includes list of publications and field work image gallery. Biology of Reproduction - A morphological and immunohistochemical comparison of mammary tissues from the short-tailed fruit bat and the mouse. The Ruminant Digestive System - Information on this system which is very different to that of non-ruminants, featuring a fermentation chamber housing millions of micro-organisms. Microbiology of the Rumen - Information on the microbes that colonise the guts of higher animals and their ecology. Mammalian Forelimb Homologies - Animated image which illustrates the similarities in forelimb structure of several different mammal species. Wildlife Conservation Society : India - The focus of WCS has been on studies of tiger behavior and the long-term population dynamics of tigers, leopards and their ungulate and primate prey species. American Museum of Natural History: Department of Mammalogy - The department collects, archives and studies specimens of recent mammals and houses over 275,000 specimens, making it the third largest collection of recent mammals in the world. Hystrix - The Italian Journal of Mammalogy accepts papers on original research in basic and applied mammalogy concerning living and fossil mammals. It publishes extensive articles, reviews and short communications. Mammalogy on the Web - Introduction to the study of mammals, their skeletons and dentition, systematics, cladistics, evolution and classification, with a glossary and bibliography. Mammalogy - Part of a naturalist basic training course by John F. Pagels, Professor Emeritus of Biology, Virginia Commonwealth University. Mammals of Kansas - An online recognition and educational guide. Includes descriptions and photographs. Burke Museum: Mammalogy - The mammalogy program develops and maintains the valuable collection of over 50,000 specimens and trains students in research based on the collection. Spinning Skulls - Provides hundreds of QuickTime VR object movies and close-up images of mammal skulls and teeth along with pictures, sounds and anatomical information.
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