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Sundials are devices for telling time by measuring the position of the shadow of the sun. This category lists websites concerned with the theory of sundials.
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Sundials on the Internet - A major information source, with projects, detailed technical information, links to related sites, listings of societies. The North American Sundial Society - Includes general information, links, a register of dials in North America, and a message board. The British Sundial Society - Information on the society, links, beginner's pages, including simple sundial patterns and templates, online facilities to calculate hour lines for different sundial types. Sundials - Describes the history and development in Europe from the time of the Greeks. Includes literary and poetic references. Sundial Information - Describes sundial parts and names, the basic types, and has make your own pages for three simple types of dial. The Analemmatic Sundial - Describes design and construction of a six meter wide analemmatic sundial in Canada. Sundial Design Program - Software to design a vertical (wall mounting) sundial for walls that face up to 60 degrees away from due-south. Frans Maes' Sundial Site - Describes a number of sundials of different types, mostly from northern Europe. Jaipur - Jantar Mantar - Describes the jantar mantar (or yantra mandir) of Jaipur, and the massive sundials and other astronomical devices built there. A Photo Collection of Beautiful Painted Wall Sundials - Photographs with descriptions, showing a number of patterns painted on walls. The Sundial Primer - Get "Hooked on Gnomonics" - Offers advice, instructions, and resources for creating a wide variety of sundials. Sundial - Wikipedia - Account includes a description of the commoner types, an explanation of the relevant science and maths, and a history of sundial use. Cadrans Solaire - Describes different types of sundials, has other technical and general information. Offers free Shadows software to compute sundials of a number of different types for anywhere in the world. SUNDI: Sundial Design Software - Shareware and freeware software for design and planning for the most popular. Sundials: the Art of Shadows - An essay on the use of sundials in gardens. Analemmatic Sundials - Descriptions of these vertical post sundials, why they work, detailed account of the maths necessary to plot the hour lines. Solar Time - Describes sundials that can tell sunrise and sunset times, the angle of solar declination and the time at night. (Flash based site). Sunbeams & Sundials - Liverpool Museums - Guides to the use of the sun for telling time and marking the seasons. Encyclopaedia Britannica - Sundials and Shadow Clocks - Animations of some of the historical stages of the development of sundials. Sundials of Scotland - Descriptions with photographs of Scottish sundials, ancient, old and new as well as sundials from some other places. Includes registers of sundials seen, which are fully searchable by any criterion. Macmillan Hunter Sundials - A range of sundials for measuring the hours and reading the season as well as astronomical instruments for complex calculations.
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